Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Back to School Centers!

Over the past year, I have learned A LOT and still have SOOOOO much to learn, but I have gone back and decided it was time for a much needed MAKEOVER on my September Centers. I have completely started over with them and have been working these past couple weeks on creating LOTS of new math and literacy centers for the beginning months of school. I have now made those September Centers into my Back to School Centers!!

There are 25 different activities in ALL!! 13 Literacy Centers and 12 Math Centers! I have put together some of the literacy and math center activities for you to see!

Back Pack Beginning Sounds 
Students will look at the picture on the notebook and say the picture name to determine the beginning sound. Then, they find the back pack with that beginning sound letter and put them together.

Building Sight Words
Students build the sight word they see on the paper using crayons with letters on them. Then, they will use a recording sheet to write the sight word using the colors for each letter that they used to build the sight word. (3 different recording sheets included for differentiating)

Clothespin Letter Match A-Z
Practice identifying and matching uppercase and lowercase letters by placing the clothespin on the matching letter.

Create a Crayon Color Sentence
Students make different sentences using word cards and record the sentence they made. (3 different recording sheets for differentiating)

Playdoh Letters A-Z
Students practice identifying letters and forming letters with playdoh.

Letter and Number Sorting
Students look at letters and numbers in different fonts and sizes and sort them.

Students on the Bus
 Place the correct number of students next to the bus.

Number Puzzles
Count the pictures and match it to the correct number to make the puzzle complete.

Ordering Numbers Puzzles
Put the numbers in sequential order to make a picture! Numbers are from 1-20.

Ten Frame Clip Boards
Students count the dots in the ten frame and match the pencil with the correct number to the clipboard. Then, they record the dots on their recording sheet. (2 different recording sheets to differentiate)

Shape Search
Pull a shape card out of a bag and find the matching shape on the recording sheet. Can also be played as a game to see who finds all of the shapes first!

Building Towers
Place the correct number of unifix cubes together to show the number. Color the correct number of blocks on the record sheet. (2 different recording sheet to differentiate)

There are SOOOO many more activities included in these Back to School Centers! You can check all of them out at my TPT Store HERE or you can click on the picture below.

I also have these centers not bundled together.

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