Sunday, June 15, 2014

Year Long Kindergarten Homework! + EXTRA + FREEBIE!

I am so excited to share with you my project that I have finally finished!! 

Kindergarten Year Long Homework!
(Choose from: English Only OR English & Spanish Directions)

Over the past couple years, I have been really wanting to send homework home with my students that had little prep time for me, but was also effective, engaging, fun, and hands-on for them. I decided to make the homework myself this year and to see how it went. I am so happy I did! Throughout this school year, I have seen such incredible growth in learning, confidence, independence, and excitement! My students would be so excited for Monday because they knew that they would get a new homework packet from me. Even the parents were excited too! 

One thing I will always remember this year is when I had a parent meet with me after school to tell me how much her and her child look forward to working on the homework packets each week. She continued to tell me how excited her child gets when they complete homework with help, little help, or on their own and that her child has gained so much pride and confidence in themselves this year. 

I can only hope that this homework shared with all of you will do the same! 

I have created 11 months of kindergarten homework with very little prep work for you to use throughout your entire school year! The months included are August-June and have so much included in each month!

Each Month Includes:
- Weekly Homework Packets (44 total homework packets: each month has between 3-5 homework packets depending on the month)
- A list of Common Core Standards that are covered in each homework packet.
- Easy to follow directions with very little prep work for each homework packet.
- Cover Sheets for parents and students to check off completed homework each week.
- 3 Math and 3 Literacy Activities included in each homework packet.
- Lots of learning and FUN!

I have bundled up each month of kindergarten homework together and you can save over 30%! You can grab that HERE or on the picture below:

I also have my kindergarten homework separated by each month. You can click on the month below to grab it individually:




Something EXTRA that I have also created is for any of you who work in a high ESL populated school like I do. Many of the parents at my school only speak and read Spanish. Therefore, I decided to make an entire separate Year Long Homework Bundle that includes homework packets for the month of August-May that has both ENGLISH & SPANISH directions!! My Spanish speaking parents were so thankful, appreciative, welcomed, and so much more comfortable helping their child with their homework throughout the year by having homework packets with Spanish directions! I have this Year Long Homework with English & Spanish Directions Bundled HERE or click on the picture below: 

I also separated the kindergarten homework with English and Spanish directions into individual months in my TPT store! You can click on the month below to grab it individually:




I love to use brown envelopes (6 1/2" x 9 1/2") for my homework packets. Each students has their own homework envelope that they are responsible for throughout the year. 

I always send home homework on Mondays and have them return their completed homework packet back to school inside their brown envelope on Friday. (This allows me to look over the homework on the weekend and place the new homework packet in the envelope before Monday).

I fold the new weekly homework packet in half and place it right inside of the envelope. I like to place labels on the front of my students homework envelopes. I have the homework labels in both English and Spanish for FREE in my TPT store!! Included are directions and pictures on how I put together the homework envelopes. There are also homework labels in both color (tons of colors to choose from) and black & white with multiply due date options! You can click HERE or on the picture below to grab this FREEBIE!! 

I hope you can find this kindergarten homework useful for your classroom!


  1. Hi Jamie! I hope you can finally relax and enjoy your summer. I have been going through your blog and loving the pictures and wonderful ideas you have for each month. I hope to purchase many of your packets for each month. One ? - Pete the cat activities, are they in any of the Sept. packets-the pattern and the sequencing activities for Pete? Thanks again for always sharing.

    1. Hi Maryann! Thank you so much for being so kind and saying such nice things. I really appreciate it and it means so much to me! I have been doing lots of relaxing and also having fun making some new things for next year. That is a great question about Pete the Cat. I will definitely get the template for the Pete the Cat Craft made this week and post that on that blog post. Since you gave me your email, I will email the Pete the Cat template as well as the sequencing page to you this week. I hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer! :)

  2. I love the ideas for the homework folders. Wondering what Reading and Math series you use??? Do you Homework pages follow them?? I am using Treasures Reading and for math... I love that you will post a Pete Craft as my partner and I are using him as our first weeks theme! Love your blog...I have been on it all morning! You and I seem to "think" alike, does that make sense?? Have a wonderful summer. My e-mail address is ...I would love to hear from you if you have a moment.

    1. Hi Barbara! Thank you so much! You're so sweet! My district uses Math Investigations for our Math Series and Literacy By Design for our Reading Series. We have them as resources, but do not necessarily use them much. Our district gives us a pacing guide of when to teach certain Common Core Standards and a lot of time they are taught continuously throughout the year. My homework pages does not go along with our reading and math series, but it does cover TONS of common core standards each month and gets progressively more challenging each month as the kids learn new skills. I hope that made sense! Please let me know if that didn't! I LOVE that we 'think' alike! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog! I will email you this week the patterns and will have them posted on that blog post. Hope you are having a great summer!

  3. Love these homework packets. I have 90% ESL students so these are perfect with the English and Spanish directions. There are on my wishlist. You rock! You have saved me a ton of time. Thanks!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you so much! I am so glad that you like them and that I could help! Thank you for your feedback :) Love your blog by the way! Have a wonderful summer :)



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