Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ocean Fun!- Part 1

We dove right into fun in the ocean this week! We started the first part of my Fun in the Ocean Unit! We had a blast learning so many new things about the ocean and did lots of crafts and hands-on activities!

Check out all the fun we had this week!

All About the Ocean!
Before I started to read any books about the ocean, I had my kiddos write about what they knew about the ocean and what they wondered.


We read a couple nonfiction books about the Ocean and completed this KWL chart before, during, and after our reading.

We painted the cover to our Ocean Facts book with water colors.

We wrote about different animals that are in the ocean and fun facts that we learned!

We read the cute story, 'Splash in the Ocean'. This book has a song that goes with it. This was also great to discuss what nouns and verbs are.

We created a class book where they wrote their own sentence using nouns and verbs about the ocean.

All About Fish!
Our first ocean animal we learned about were fish! We read a nonfiction book and made an interactive anchor chart with facts that we learned about fish.

My students made a fish craft and then painted it for the cover of their fish facts book.


We learned about how a group of fish swimming together is a school of fish. So, we had to make a 'school of fish' too!

We read 'The Rainbow Fish'. I love this story! Such a great lesson for students to hear! We made a 'rainbow and wrote about how we are a good friend.


All About Sharks!
Our next ocean animal we learned about were Sharks!! They were so excited about this!! We read a nonfiction book about sharks and made our anchor chart.

We made a shark craft to put our facts about shark in!



We read the fun story, 'Clark the Shark: Dares to Share'. We made 'Clark the Shark' and wrote about how we share.

All About Whales!
Next up, we learned all about Whales. We made an anchor chart with the facts we learned about whales from our nonfiction book.

We made a cute whale craft that had all of our facts about whales!


Here are lots of different math activities we did this week to go along with our ocean unit:
We practiced our addition and subtraction facts. The 'pearl' behind the shell had the answer to the equations.

We played a comparing game with a twist. Each student flipped over a card and solved the addition or subtraction equation. The person that had the greater number for their answer got to keep both cards. The player with the most cards at the end won!

We practiced counting by 1's, 5's, and 10's and filling in the missing numbers.

We practice more addition and subtraction equations in our fish bowls.

We went fishing!! The students had to catch a 'fish', solve the addition or subtraction equation and place it on the fish bowl with the correct answer.

We practiced subtraction equations on our practice mats. The shark kept eating the fish!

We solved vertical subtraction equations with this fun hands-on activity. Students would place fish in the bag for the number of fish that were taken away.  


We practiced finding the missing addend to get to 10 with some tasty goldfish!


You can grab my Fun in the Ocean Unit HERE or click on the picture below:

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