Tuesday, May 27, 2014

End of Year Craft & School is Out for Summer SALE!!!

I can't believe the time has come.... SCHOOL IS OUT FOR SUMMER!!! I finished cleaning my room today, checked out with my principal, and have officially started my summer!! I want to celebrate the beginning of the summer by having a HUGE sale at my TPT store!! It is starting right now and will continue until Friday, May 30th! EVERYTHING in my store is 20% OFF!!! Click HERE to check out my beginning of summer sale or the picture below:

I had such a wonderful week with my kiddos for our last week of kindergarten together. We really made sure to have LOTS of fun and to celebrate all of our successes this year! I am really going to miss them, but am so happy and proud of all of their hard work and accomplishments this year! There are memories I shared with them this year that I will remember forever! 

I wanted to share with you a fun end of the year keepsake and craft that you can do with your students. It is perfect for the summer, is easy to make, and is a wonderful school memory. They are FOAM VISORS! You can get these foam visors in packs of 7 from Hobby Lobby. Don't forget to use their weekly 40% off coupon! I also buy sticker foam letters and other decorations for students to decorate their visors with. My kiddos love making their name with the letters. I even have kiddos that come back for the next school year still wearing these visors to school. Too CUTE!!! Here are a couple pictures of the visors:

I can't wait to share some big projects I have been working on all year! I will be working on them and finishing them up throughout the summer. I can't wait to share with all of you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fun in the Ocean! Part 2

Last week we had so much fun finishing up our Ocean unit! We were so busy doing lots of different activities, crafts, anchor charts, games, and more! I finally finished putting together my ocean unit and have it posted in my TPT store! It is my biggest unit and just might be my favorite too :) 

You can check out my Fun in the Ocean Unit HERE or click on the pictures below:


Here is the 2nd part of the ocean unit!

We started the week learning All About Dolphins!
We made an interactive anchor chart with facts that we learned about dolphins.

We made a dolphin craft and wrote some facts to make it into an 'All About Dolphins' Book.


All About Sea Turtles
We wrote facts we learned about sea turtles on our anchor chart.

We made an adorable sea turtle craft and turned it into a book by writing our own sea turtle facts under the shell!


All About Crabs
We used the internet to research about crabs. We wrote our facts on our interactive anchor chart.

We made a cute craft. We turned the crab into a book by writing facts about crabs behind the shell.


We read the story, 'A House for Hermit Crab' and sequenced the different sea items that Hermit Crab placed on his shell.

Then, we made our very own Hermit Crab to look like the one from the story and glued the different sea items on the shell.

The last activity we did to go along with this story is write about what we would add to Hermit Crab's new shell.

All About Octopuses
We used the internet again to research and write facts about octopuses.

We made this fun octopus craft/info book!


We read the cute story, 'Tickly Octopus' and wrote about where we are the most ticklish.

Our Favorite Ocean Animal
After learning about 7 different ocean animals over the past 2 weeks, I had my kiddos choose which ocean animal was their favorite. We graphed our favorite ocean animal and filled in some data to go with out graph.

Then, we wrote about our favorite ocean animal and why it is our favorite. We made the cover of our writing, the ocean with our favorite ocean animal. I placed some laminate on the front to make it look more like the ocean! (I tried!!)


Here are a lot of the different math activities we did throughout the week:
We played addition and subtraction bingo! I think my kiddos wanted to play all day! I had them make their own bingo card and I would call out the equations. They would solve the equation and cover up the answer.


We colored ocean creatures by the answer of the addition or subtraction equation.

We read and solved different addition stories about the ocean.


We played an addition and subtraction under the sea board game! Students played in small groups and would solve addition and subtraction equations to move forward. They had to be careful not to land on the seaweed! The first ocean animal to the treasure chest won!

We painted tentacles on the octopus with a Q-tip because he was missing some! We had to find the missing addend to get 8 tentacles in all.

We read an ocean animals mini reader where students filled in the blanks to make the sentence complete. They also wrote an addition equation to go with the sentence and pictures.


We also read subtraction stories about the ocean and acted them out to find the answer.


If you missed Part 1 of this Ocean Unit, you can see that post HERE.

I have made this unit in 3 bundles. You can get it with the math, literacy, & writing activities HERE or click on the picture below:

You can also get ONLY the math activities HERE or click on the picture below:

or you can get ONLY the literacy & writing activities HERE or click on the pictures below:

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