Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring & Plants!

We had a fun week learning all about spring and plants! We also continued working on teen numbers! The best part of the week was the warm weather!! We finally got to go outside for recess each day this week! It was perfect timing for teaching my kiddos all about spring and plants! :)

Check out our week:

We started the week by learning about decomposing teen numbers. We practiced decomposing on ten frames with our practice mats.

Then we tried decomposing teen numbers on our own!


We read some nonfiction spring books and filled in an anchor chart about what we feel, hear, smell, and see in the spring.

We also made our own graphic organizers.

We practiced decomposing teen numbers using teen frames.

We also completed a mini reader about teen numbers on ten frames.

We used our graphic organizer from yesterday to write all about spring! We made a flip book with our knowledge.


Today, we continued decomposing teen numbers using base ten blocks. We started with our practice mats!

Then worked on decomposing teen numbers on our own!

We learned about the different parts of a plant and what each part does.

Then we made our own flip book labeling the different parts of a plant and writing about each part.


We continued practicing decomposing teen numbers with base ten blocks.


We completed a mini book about teen numbers with base ten blocks.

We read a nonfiction book about plants and completed a chart with our new knowledge.

We made tri-fold project all about plants! 



We completed a mini book with EVERYTHING that we learned about teen numbers. This mini book is from my Insects Unit.

We played a sight word game at our tables. I shouted out the sight word and the kiddos would find it and try to be the first one to touch the flower!

We learned about the life cycle if a plant and made this anchor chart.

Then we made a sentence unscramble flip book about the life cycle of a plant.

We had so much fun planting our very own bean seed! My students were so excited!! This is our bean plant experiment.

Here are all of the seeds hanging on my classroom windows.

Over the next couple weeks, we will be observing our bean seeds. Today we wrote about what we did and made a prediction on what we think will happen.


You can check out all of these spring and plant activities HERE or click on the picture below.

The math activities that you saw came from my Teen Numbers Galore Pack.


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