Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rhyming Fun!

Rhyming words are so much fun! When students really get how rhyming words work, they LOVE finding rhyming words on their own! I notice if I am reading a story and read a page with rhyming words, my kiddos make sure to tell me. Too cute!

I finally put together my rhyming words pack that includes fun, hands-on activities that have really gotten my kiddos to learn all about rhyming words!

Here are the activities that are all included in my Rhyming Pack:

Rhyming Picture Cards & Activities
I like to use these rhyming picture cards to display on my pocket chart. There are so many fun activities you can do with these! 

I like to have my students find which word rhymes with the picture on the bottom.


I like to have my students find which picture does not belong.


Rhyming Crown Game
This is a fun game where you kiddos will play with a partner! They will try to trick their partner by placing 3 cards with 2 of them being rhyming words. Then, their partner has to determine which word does not belong!

Rhyming Partner
This is game is so much fun and gets your kiddos moving around! They have a picture card and they have to walk around the room to find a find that has the card that rhymes with their picture. Once they find their rhyming word, they record the rhyming words. Then, they switch cards with a friend and do it all over again!

Rhyming Flip Book


Rhyming Sentences

I Can Rhyme Mini Reader


You can grab all of these rhyming activities HERE or click the pictures below:


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