Saturday, April 5, 2014

Insects & Teen Numbers- Part 2

What another fun week and busy week!! We had so much fun finishing our insect unit and continuing to work on teen numbers! I think I am going to start dreaming about teen numbers soon! I sure hope my kiddos are!!

I am also so excited to share with you my insect unit!! I finally got it all ready to go!! You can click HERE or on the picture below to see it in my TPT store.

Here is all the fun that we had this week:

We started off the day practicing our teen numbers with base ten blocks.

We took all of our knowledge with ten frames and base ten blocks and to show teens numbers.


We read a mini reader about teen numbers and they had to determine how many more blocks they needed to add to get the teen number.

We read a cute story, 'Buzz' by Eileen Spinelli. Then we wrote about what we would do if we could fly. We made a little bee and put out faces for the head!

We read some nonfiction books about ladybugs and wrote down some new facts that we learned.

We started the day by reviewing teen numbers on ten frames.

We played a fun game where students walked around the room and had to match their teen number to the correct amount of base ten blocks.


 We started to learn about how many tens and ones teen numbers have. We started learning this with ten frames on our practice mats.

Then we practiced on our own!


We took our new knowledge that we learned about ladybugs and wrote down some facts!

We made a cute ladybug book to put our writing in!

We continued working on finding tens and ones in a teen number on ten frames.

We love painting! We filled in ten frames with paint on Q-tips to find tens and ones!

We read 'The Grouchy Ladybug' by Eric Carle and painted some adorable grouchy ladybugs!!



We also read 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle and sequenced the foods that the caterpillar ate.

More practice with our teen numbers!

Today we started to learn about finding tens and ones in teen numbers using base ten blocks. We started by practicing on our mats! (I love using mats for practice!)



We made a fun sequencing craft to go along with 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. We put the different foods he ate in the correct order.

We read a nonfiction book 'Caterpillar to Butterfly' and learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.

We made a flip book to show the butterfly life cycle.

After learning about how many tens in ones are in teen numbers. We showed our new knowledge in a mini reader.

We had a lot of fun making a GIANT teen number flip book!


We made a 3D butterfly showing the butterfly life cycle. They turned out cuter than I thought they would!




After learning about all these insects the past 2 weeks, we chose our favorite insect! We made a large class graph and then filled in data to go with it.


Then we wrote about our favorite insect and why it is our favorite. We turned our writing into a net with the kiddos holding the net. 


What a fun 2 weeks we have had learning about insects! You can check out my insect unit HERE or click on the pictures below.


I also separated the Math and Literacy activities into separate packs. Click on the pictures below:

A lot of the activities you see this week come from my TEEN NUMBERS GALORE! You can grab that HERE or on the picture below.

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