Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Fun!

We had a fun week doing lots of different activities with bunnies, chicks, eggs, & carrots! We did activities from my Easter Fun Pack! We had a short week and a 3 day weekend! A much needed 3 day weekend!

Check out our fun week:

We practiced matching rhyming words with these cute chicks!


We worked on decomposing numbers with our practice mats.

Then we decomposed numbers 3, 4, 5 with eggs in a basket.


We read a cute story called 'The Best Easter Eggs Ever'. Before I finished reading the story, I had my kiddos predict which egg they think would be picked by the Easter Bunny as the new design.

After the story ended, they wrote about who the winner was! 

Today we began by sorted eggs by their design. Then we graphed the eggs and filled in data about our graph.

We continued working on decomposing numbers. Today we decomposed the numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 using carrots on rabbits.


We painted an egg with lots of different colors, designs, and details!

Then, we used that egg to fill out a graphic organizer for descriptive writing. We wrote different details that we see on our eggs.

Last, we used the graphic organizer to write descriptive sentences about our eggs.

We worked together at our tables to make different words using letters that were on easter eggs!


 We read another cute story called 'Bunny Trouble'. It is about a bunny named Ralph who loves to play soccer rather than helping out decorating eggs with the other rabbits. He ends up getting into trouble. A farmer catches Ralph and places him in a locked cage. We wrote about how we would save Ralph! We also made a craft to go with our writing.


We started the day with decomposing numbers.

I placed different amounts of jelly beans inside an egg. I had my kiddos pick out one egg and count how many jelly beans were inside. That was their secret number. Then, they had to decompose their secret number!


We read 'The Big Easter Bunny & The Eggs'. We sequenced the different places he had to hide. 

Then we made a mini book where we sequenced where the Easter bunny had to hide. I also had them write about where they would hide the Easter bunny!



We sorted Spring M&M's! Then we graphed them and collected our data.

We practiced subtraction by subtracting jelly beans! I allowed them to eat each jelly bean that they took away. It was so funny because I usually have them wait until they are finished to eat the candy. They loved that they got to eat the candy while doing the activity!

We practiced subtracting by having a rabbit come to our garden and eat some carrots! We acted out the story and determined a subtraction equation that goes with the story.

Then, we each got a chance to practice subtraction with the rabbit stealing eggs in the garden. I had my students act out the subtraction equations with carrots and a rabbit!


We read 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' and created a story map,

Then we made our very own Peter Rabbit flip book all about the story!

We had fun working together as a team! We played sentence unscramble musical tables. I played music and the kids would walk together in a small group to a table until the music stopped. When they got to the table, they had to work together to unscramble the sentence to make it complete!


I love making these Easter baskets each year with my kiddos! Directions on how to make can be found here. We made these baskets for our Easter egg hunt!


We didn't have the best weather to have our Easter egg hunt outside this year. But, I made sure to have it in our classroom instead!! (Forgot to take pictures of the hunt, but here is the aftermath!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!

You can check out all of these activities in my Easter Unit! Click HERE or the picture below to check it out:


  1. Love how much Easter themed stuff you packed into one week. Thanks for sharing so many pictures!

    The Math Maniac


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