Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Patrick's Week Fun!

What a week! This was the last week of the quarter and I am now officially on spring break!! YAY!!!!

We had a lot of fun this week though doing lots of fun activities to go along with St. Patrick's Day. We did activities from my St. Patrick's Day Fun Unit.

Here is what our week looked like

We practiced solving addition and subtraction equations on pots of gold.

We began an Addition Stories Book

We read the cute story, 'That's What Leprechauns Do' and completed this informational chart about Leprechauns.

Students filled out their own informational chart.

We finished our Addition Stories Book

We made a Leprechaun with a special number on his pot of gold. This number was the sum of 2 addition equations on the coins in the Leprechauns hands.



We walked all around the room looking for four leaf clovers with pictures on it. We wrote the CVC word that was on the four leaf clover.


We used the Leprechaun Informational Chart to make our very own Leprechaun Informational Flip Book.



We completed different subtraction stories in our subtraction book.


We played a sight word game where students pulled out coins with sight words on them. They would say the word and get to keep it if they knew the sight word. They had to watch out for that leprechaun though because he likes to steal all of the coins and makes you put them all back!


We read an original mini reader about a Leprechaun looking for his pot of gold.


We started our writing organizer for our very own stories about a Leprechaun who lost his pot of gold.

We made a class pie graph on whether or not we believed in Leprechauns.

Then, each student filled in their our pie graph.

We did a fun activity to help us solve subtraction equations. A leprechaun would steal 'golden coins' (lima beans that are spray painted gold). This helped the students find the answer to the subtraction equation.


We played an addition and subtraction game where students picked a card and solved the addition or subtraction equation. Whatever the answer of the equation was, they moved that many spaces forward. The first one to the pot of gold wins! There is a sneaky Leprechaun and some 4 leaf clovers along the way for some added fun!



We used our story writing organizers to begin writing our Leprechaun stories.

Then, we made the cover of our books by painting a rainbow with Q-tips.

Here is the cover of their stories all put together.


And their stories were underneath the large pot.


We ended the day with a tasty treat… SKITTLES!! We sorted skittles, graphed them, and filled in data.


You can check out these St. Patrick's Day Fun Activities HERE or click the picture below:

I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!

I would like to dedicate this post to my amazing grandmother. I love you and will miss you so much! You were the most wonderful grandmother and I can never thank you enough for everything.

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