Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sight Word Mini Readers!

I am so excited to be finished with a project that I have been working on for over a year and that I am FINALLY ready to share with all of you!! They are my Sight Word Mini Readers! I have created 31 different sight word mini readers in this bundle. There is a mini reader for these sight words: am, an, and, at, can, do, go, he, in, is, it, like, look, me, no, on, see, she, so, the, to, up, we, you, my, some, went, are, get, put, said.

Each week, I like to have 1 main sight word to focus on. I like to do lots of different activities to get the sight word to 'stick' with my kiddos, but I also wanted them to be able to apply and identify the sight word in other places. 

I have created these mini sight word readers to go along with each sight word that we are focusing on. These mini readers give students the opportunity to practice and read their sight words, identify their sight word and other sight words, and also read short sentences! Each mini reader focuses on a sight word and has predictable sentences on each page. These mini readers have also gives students the basic foundations of reading and lots of confidence!

Here is how I use these mini readers in my class each day of the week.

Day 1: Introduce the Mini Reader
  • Write each sentence of the mini reader onto a sentence strip.
  • Print an extra copy of the mini reader and cut out the pictures only.
  • Display one sentence at a time with the picture on a pocket chart to your class.
  • Point to each word of the sentence while reading out loud. 
    • Model looking at the picture and the first letter of a word to determine unknown words.
  • Have students choral and echo read each sentence.


Day 2: Highlight Sight Word on Pocket Chart
  • Point to one word at a time on the pocket chart and have students choral or echo read.
  • Have a student come up and point to one word at a time with a pointer while the class choral reads.
  • Call one student up to the pocket chart to highlight the sight word you are focusing on in the sentence.
    • I cut up colored paper protectors into squares to highlight the sight words on the pocket chart.
  • Discuss different reading strategies. Ex: looking at the picture, looking at the first letter on an unknown word and making sure it relates to the picture, etc.


Day 3: Class reads their own copy of the sight word mini reader
  • Give each student a copy of the sight word mini reader that you are focusing on.
  • Have students sit in a circle and do a picture walk.
  • Read the title of the book together.
  • Open to the first page and have students look at the picture and discuss what they see. Ask if they see any sight words or other words that they know. You can also have them point to other words and sight words for practice.
  • When ready, have students point to one word at a time and choral or echo read the sentence.
  • Turn the page and continue discussing different reading strategies, identifying sight words, etc.


Day 4: Highlight sight word in mini reader
  • Give each student a marker and have them go through their sight word mini reader and circle the sight word they are focusing on each time they see it on a page.
  • Have your class read the sight word mini reader together (without your help) as you walk around the room and listen in on their reading.
    • This is a great time to take notes on what you see and hear.

Day 5: Independent Read and Partner Reading
  • Have your students take out their mini sight word reader and allow them to independently whisper read to themselves.
  • As a celebration to a fun week of learning about the sight word they have been focusing on and for learning how to read their mini readers, have your students take their mini reader and a friend to a good spot in the classroom.
  • Allow the partners to each get an opportunity to read their sight word mini reader to each other.
    • Encourage students to compliment each other on what they heard from their partner reading, give each other high fives, and allow them to read their mini reader together!

Your students will become such good readers and soon become independent readers!! I love seeing the enjoyment and confidence my kiddos have reading these mini readers.

BONUS: Independent Readers!!
What I LOVE to do with these sight word mini readers is to make an extra copy for myself. I cut the pages in half and laminate each page of the mini reader. Then, I hole punch the corner and place a metal ring in the holes. 
I now have a durable sight word mini reader that I can add to our classroom library and that students can read INDEPENDENTLY!! Seeing the smiles on their faces when they pull out one of the books that we have read and they know how to read it independently is such a proud moment! 

These sight word mini readers have really helped my students become such good readers. 

If you are interested in these sight word mini readers, you can grab them HERE or click on the pictures below: 



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