Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Get Those Sight Words to Stick!

As you know, sight words are so important for our kinders to learn! We are always trying new ideas and ways to get those sight words to stick! There are so many wonderful ideas out there for teaching sight words. I wanted to share with you some things that I do in my classroom to help get those sight words to 'STICK'!!

I like to focus on 1 sight word each week. This really allows me to do lots of different activities with that particular sight word and I really feel that it helps students identify, learn, and remember the sight word. I of course still go over other sight words that we have learned and are going to learn, but I do like to have 1 main focus sight word of the week.

Display those sight words!
When my students walk into my classroom on Mondays, they are always so excited to see what sight word we will be focusing on all week. They can find the sight word all over our room!

I have the sight word of the week displayed on our calendar:
(I have the sight word of the week on the large piece of paper. Then, I add a smaller sight word that  add next to the other sight words we have already learned.)

I have the sight word displayed on a shelf from my sight word flip book.

I have the sight word displayed on our handprints.

I also have the sight word displayed on a large school bus when they walk in (I forgot to take a picture…sorry!)

After they see the sight word we are learning for the week, they try to find the sight word on our word on our sight word wall:

Sight Word Flip Book
I made this sight word flip book awhile back and it has been used more than I ever imagined! I use the flip book to have the sight word of the week displayed all day/week in our classroom and I also use the flip book during calendar to go over all of the words with my kiddos.
A fun game I like to play with my kiddos when we have a little time before we need to line up for special, is to show a sight word to one student. If they say the sight word correctly, they get to line up.

How to Make the sight word flip book: 
SUPER EASY!!! I promise!! I typed each sight word in large letters. Then, I glued each sight word onto construction paper and laminated each page. I took the laminated pages to Kinkos and had them bound the pages together. And there you go!

Sight Word Handprints:
I have a handprint on each side of my door. (One for the boys line and one for the girls line). I place the sight word of the week on the handprints. Anytime we leave the room, we give a high five to the handprint and say the sight word. Not only is this fun, but it really is an easy way to practice seeing and saying the sight word. 

I also have some other sight word ideas from a previous post HERE.

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