Saturday, February 1, 2014

Penguins- Week 1

What a week!! We had a fun, jam packed week celebrating our 100th day of school on Monday, learning about penguins, and doing some fun groundhog's day activities! 

We started our 1st week of our penguin unit and will continue all next week! 

Check out our week:


100th Day of School!! Click on the picture to see my post all about our 100th day!

Penguin & Fish CVC Practice

Practice taking away to understand what subtraction is. We wrote how many were left over after we acted out stories.


Then, we acted out stories and wrote a subtraction equation to go with it.



Before we started reading our nonfiction book about penguins, I had my students write about what they already know about penguins and what they wonder about penguins.


 We shared our writing and wrote it down on our KWL chart.

More subtraction practice on our large penguin friend!

We practiced more subtraction!


We started to learn about the cross out strategy for subtraction.

Today, I read a nonfiction book about penguins and we filled in the rest of our KWL chart with what we learned.

We wrote something that we learned on a fish.

And fed our penguin some fishy facts!

We started to learn about a couple vocabulary words from the nonfiction penguin book and wrote them in our vocabulary books.

We practice our crossing out strategy today



We made a chart about what penguins can do, what penguins have, and what they are.

We worked more on our vocabulary words

We started the day with some fun Groundhog's Day activities! We read a mini reader that taught us all about what groundhog's day is.

We made our predictions on whether or not the groundhog will see is shadow.

We recorded our data.

We made a flip book about Groundhog's Day

More subtraction practice!

Subtraction stories!

We used our can, have, are charts about penguins to help us write sentences. And then we made a penguin craft to go with their writing!

We will be continuing our penguin unit next week!

Click HERE or the pictures below to grab this Penguin Unit!

You can also get the Math & Literacy Activities Separately. Click on the pictures below:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1 comment:

  1. "Penguins are marine mammals"?!
    Teacher gets an F.
    Teacher must study the difference between birds and mammals.
    Especially since teacher ought to know what her mammary glands are, and how egg-laying birds don't have them.


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