Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter Fun!! & FREEBIE!!

We had our first full week back this week and have been working hard! Last week took a little bit of adjusting to get back into the swing of things (for both the kids and I!). This week was great and we had a lot of fun with our Winter Fun Unit!

**Make sure to scroll down to get the FREEBIE!!

Here is what our week looked like

 We decomposed numbers into cute snowmen.

We compared our name to the word 'snowman' by adding vowels and consonants and comparing the number of letters in both names.


We read the adorable story 'The Snow Globe Family' and began our story map.

We did a story focus on 'The Snow Globe Family' and wrote about the characters and setting.

We made our names into snowmen!

Then, we sorted our snowmen names by the number of letters.

We started the day practicing our vertical addition.

We started to learned about missing addends and how to find the missing addend using a ten frame.

Then, we got to practice finding the missing addend on our 'dry erase boards' aka paper protectors. (best/most convenient dry erase boards. I use ALL the time!)

After rereading 'The Snow Globe Family', we filled in the problem/solution on our story map and wrote about it in our story focus books.

We talked about what we would do if we lived in a snow globe. I loved their responses!

We began our writing on what we would do if we lived in a snow globe. I snapped this picture real quick. I am so impressed and got a good laugh!!
(I would make a really big snow ball and I would throw it at the flaw for I can get out.)

We practiced finding the missing addend using a ten frame in our mini books.

We used Q-tips and painted dots on a ten frame to help use find the missing addend.

We discussed some events that the little family did in the snow globe and then drew pictures of the different events in our story focus books.

We also wrote about our favorite part of the story in our story focus books.

I took pictures of my kiddos yesterday posing for their snow globes, and today we glued them onto a circle and used chalk/crayons to add more details.

We added shredded paper to look like snow.

Then we added our writing and decorated our snow globes! This is by far my favorite craft and activity of the year! They always turn our way better than I ever expect!

Today, we learned about to find the missing addend using a number line.


We read 'The Biggest, Best Snowman' and completed our story map anchor chart.

We painted snowmen! I provided the circles and had scrap paper out for my students to make the rest of their snowman after the paint dried. They did better than I would have ever done!

We used these snowmen to begin our descriptive writing. We used a writing organizer to describe the snowman that they made.

Finally the FREEBIE!!! 
At the end of the day, we used the words in 'winter' to make other words. We started at the pocket chart and then I let them try on their own. This was a lot of fun! Click HERE to grab this FREEBIE!

We continued to work on finding missing addends using a ten frame. We did this fun cut and glue book to help us practice!

We also practice our number line strategy.

We made an interactive snowman brace map. 

Then, the students completed their own brace map.

We reread, 'The Biggest, Best Snowman' and we completed an interactive writing for how to build a snowman. The book really helped us remember the steps.

Last year, we made this cute writing craft for how to build a snowman. (included in the unit)


 This year, I changed it up and made a flip up writing page on how to build a snowman.

We used our writing organizer from yesterday to do a descriptive writing on our snowmen that we painted.

Click HERE or the picture below to grab this Winter Fun Unit:

By request...I have made this unit with only the literacy & writing activities together and only the math activities together. Click on the pictures below to grab these activities separately! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! You had an AMAZING week back! You and your kids work so hard! Isn't it crazy when we look back on a week and see everything that was accomplished?! Do you come up with all of those activities or is it written in the curriculum you use? Just curious :) you seem like a teacher who loves her job! Your students are very lucky to have you!

    1. Thank you so much for you kind words! It truly means a lot! I completely agree with you on going back to see how much is accomplished in a week! Crazy sometimes to think we did all of that in just one week! I do come up with all of these activities. My district just provides us with a guide on which common core standards to teach during each quarter. I love creating and have so much fun with it! Thank you again!! :)


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