Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Mitten & MLK FREEBIES!

This week we had a lot of fun learn about Martin Luther King and focusing on the story 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett & Alvin Tresselt. We did lots of fun activities to go along with the story from my Mitten Unit. Check out below to also see some MLK activities we did & FREEBIES!!!
Here is what our week looked like:


We made addition pop up mittens.

We practiced positional words by acting them out with a mitten in a mini positional book.


We read 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett and completed a story map

We began our story focus book on the mitten by finding the characters and setting from the story.

We also did text-to-self connection writing.

We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

We talked about some of the dreams we have. They were so cute! My favorite dream that one of my students said is: "My dream is for Santa to come every night to give presents. I think other kids would like that dream too." (LOVE my job!!!)

We wrote about our dreams and placed it in a cute craft.

We sorted addition equations by whether or not the sum was true or false.

We made an addition true or false flip book.


We practiced our positional words more by highlighting the correct position in a mini book.


We sequenced the order that the animals went in the mitten.

Then, we worked more on our story focus books, by sequencing the order the animals went in the mitten on our own.

We started the day by sorting addition equations by whether or not the sum is true or false.

We began subtraction today! We acted subtraction stories out with the animal characters from 'The Mitten'. 

I had my students also help act out subtraction stories by pretending to be the animals.

We practiced subtraction on a number line by taking 1 away.

I had these painted beans from a St. Patrick's Day activity that I do, so I decided to use these to help practice subtraction. The kids thought they were the neatest things ever! Crazy what beans a some gold spray paint can do to a child!

We graphed whether we liked gloves or mittens more.

Then, we recorded our data.

We talked about the beginning, middle, and end of the story, 'The Mitten' and worked on the next part of our story focus books.

We wrote about what crawled into the mitten. Students got to choose ANYTHING they wanted to crawl into the mitten. Such a fun and cute activity!


(The dinosaur went in the mitten because the dinosaur was freezing cold.)

(LOVE this one: The candy bar went will go in the mitten because he had to go to sleep.)

I also read 'The Mitten' by Alvin Tresselt and we compared the story to 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett.

Today, we 'knitted' our own mittens just like Baba! I don't think I have ever heard my room so quiet!! The concentration was intense! They did a great job!

We then used animals from the story to act out subtraction equations with our 'knitted' mitten.

We learned about crossing out pictures for subtraction.

We worked on the rest of our story focus books. I love doing focus books on different stories we read. They really help my students understand the different elements of a story and go great with sooooo many common core standards!

We compared 'The Mitten' by Jan Brett and 'The Mitten' by Alvin Tresselt.

We graphed our favorite animal from either of the 2 stories.

Then, we wrote about it and made it into a mini mitten book.

Click HERE or the picture below to get this Mitten Unit!
FINALLY! Here are some MLK FREEBIES for you! 
Click HERE to get the anchor chart labels, MLK character map, 'My dream is' anchor chart labels, writing, and craft templates!


  1. I love, love, love your stuff...I look forward to hearing about your week and seeing your ideas. I also like the idea of focusing on one theme for a scheduling and focus on play-based learning does not allow me the time to do everything you do (as I may just follow your plans directly otherwise) but I do love your stuff and have done some of your activities in my classroom, and the kids loved them!

    1. Hi Jackie! Thank you so much!! That is so nice of you to say and really means a lot! I am so glad to hear that your students are having fun with the activities! Thank you again! :)

  2. Hi, thanks so much for the wonderful ideas!!! I just purchased your packet from TpT but can't seem to get it to print. I unzipped and extracted but still nothing :( Do you have any ideas?

    1. Hi Erin! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, your incredibly kind words, and for purchasing my Mitten Unit! I am so sorry that you are having trouble unzipping the file. I am not sure what happened, but am here to help! :) Send me an email at: and I will make sure you get this unit ASAP! Thanks so much!

  3. Umm... WOW!!! That's all I can say. You have so many wonderful ideas I'd like to use with my kids. Needless to say, I'll be following your TPT store and your blog from now on. Thank you so much! I'm always looking for inventive and creative ideas to inspire my kindergarteners!


    Miss Mandy at My Creative Kingdom

    1. Hi Mandy!! You literally made my day!! Thank you so much for your incredibly sweet and kind words!! I just checked out your blog and its AMAZING!!!! Happy Holidays!! Thank you again!! :)

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