Saturday, January 11, 2014

Snowman Fun!!

And we are BACK!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful winter break and new year!! We started this week with no school on Monday and Tuesday because of the COLD weather!! I hope everyone stayed warm!!

We jumped right into our snowman unit this week! We had a BLAST!!! 

Here is what our short week looked like:


We sorted pictures by their beginning sounds

We read the cute story, 'Snowmen At Night'. Before reading, we predicted what we think snowmen do at night. Then, we wrote down the events that happened. I had some good predictors! We circle the predictions and events that matched!

We pretended to be a snowman at night and wrote down our ideas on what we would do if we were a snowman at night.

We wrote about what we would do at night too!



We practice matching pictures to their CVC word.

We read short sentences and completed addition equations to go with the sentences.


We started to discuss decomposing numbers. We did this by moving buttons on our big snowman's circles.


We used M&M's to practice decomposing numbers.

We are writing our very own version of 'Snowmen At Night'. We started by working on our 'Snowmen At Night', story organizers.

Then, we used our story organizer to help us write our own stories!

We made a cover for our books! We used colored chalk on black construction paper. They turned out really cute!!


We started the day by matching the sum to the addition equations.

We worked more on decomposing numbers on our large snowman.

We used beads on a snowman to help us learn how to decompose numbers!

We played a fun game called 'Shake & Spill!'. We shook the number of marshmallows that we were decomposing and made an addition equation for how many landed on and off of the snowman. We had a blast with this game!

We read another cute story called, 'Snowmen All Year'. We wrote about what we would do if we had a snowman all year. We put our ideas with the season that we thought it went with.

Then, we started our very own story organizers for 'Snowmen All Year'. I LOVED seeing their different ideas on what they would do with their snowman. 


We compared the stories, 'Snowmen At Night' and 'Snowmen All Year' on our snowmen Venn diagram.

We then made our very own Venn diagram comparing the 2 stories!

We used our story organizers to begin write about the different things we would do with our snowman if we had one all year. We wrote a sentence for each season.

We turned our writing into a 3D Snowman Book! 


Here are some other fun activities in this snowman unit:

Snowmen Addition Mats

Snowman Buttons Addition Book

'Snowmen All Year' writing

Text-to-Self Connection for 'Snowmen At Night'

Snowman Melt! We did not get to this because of our short week, but we will definitely be playing next week! This is just like hangman, but instead of adding parts onto the snowman, you lose a part of your snowman each time a letter is guessed wrong. If you lose all of the parts of the snowman before the word is guessed correctly, he MELTS and the game is over.


Click HERE or the picture below to get this fun 

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