Thursday, January 2, 2014

Patterns Pack!!

One of my favorite things to teach my class is patterns! I just love all of the different activities you can do with patterns. I love to have my kiddos do lots of hands-on activities to give them a deeper understanding of patterns. 

I have created a FUN Patterns Pack that includes hands-on, engaging activities and games that will have your students naming, creating, and continuing different kinds of patterns: AB, ABC, AAB, & ABB.

Here are pictures of my class doing the activities in this pattern pack:

I like to introduce different kinds of patterns on a pocket chart. Doing this really gives students a deeper understanding of why patterns are called: AB, ABC, AAB, ABB patterns. You can start the pattern and have students come up and continue the pattern. You can also have them label the pattern created with the letter cards. This is also great for a center activity!

These are a great way for your students to lay out and create different kinds of patterns using different manipulatives.

After introducing a pattern, I like to have my students go back to their seats and create the pattern that they learned on a pattern strip. Then, they open up their Pattern Book to the correct page and color the pattern they created and write about it.

To give my students a deeper understanding of patterns, I like to have them complete a book for each kind pattern where they focus on naming, continuing, and creating the pattern.

Patterns Anchor Chart
I like to have this displayed in my room during the time we are learning patterns. We add to this anchor chart after each pattern that we learn.

A fun game to play with your class is patterns musical chairs! Each student creates a pattern on a pattern strip with different manipulatives. They will leave the last few spaces empty. Then you play some music and let your students walk around the room. When the music stops, they sit in a new seat and complete the pattern that was started by another student. I love seeing all the fun my kiddos have with this game!

Create the pattern with the last 3 spaces empty.

Time to play music and move around!

Now they complete the pattern at the seat they stopped at!

After teaching my class all the different patterns, I like to have them complete an All About Patterns Book where they label, continue, and create different patterns by gluing different pictures in their book.

And More!

Click HERE or on the picture below to grab this 
Patterns Pack for your class.


  1. This looks great = tons of fun ideas to work on patterns!



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