Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Unit!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! I just LOVE the holidays!! We had a great week doing lots of Christmas activities from my Christmas Unit to get in to the holiday spirit. Check out our fun week!

We read the cute story 'Mooseltoe'

We used Moose's moosetache to help us solve addition equations.



We began our story map on 'Mooseltoe'

We wrote about the problem & solution in the story 'Mooseltoe'

We reviewed solving addition equations on Moose's moosetache

We wrote our very own addition equations and made a cute Mooseltoe craft to go with them.

 We finished our 'Mooseltoe' story map and did a sequencing activity to go with the story.

We had some Moose Munch to go with our story 'Mooseltoe'. (popcorn, marshmallows, and chocolate chips!) YUM!!


Today, we played a fun reindeer addition game with a friend!

We read a nonfiction book about reindeer.

Before we read, we talked about 'our schema' and wrote down what we already knew about reindeer. I LOVED what my kiddos had to say. They are soo cute.  Then, we wrote down our new learning and our misconceptions.

We wrote some facts that we learned about reindeer.

We placed our reindeer facts inside a cute reindeer craft!


We learned a new addition strategy today: Adding on a number line. We practiced acting out some equations with a reindeer. Paper protectors are great dry erase boards to use in your class because they erase with just a tissue!

We also worked on our new strategy on a practice page.

We read a really cute story called 'Santa's Stuck'.

Before reading, I had students write about how they would help Santa if he got stuck in their chimney. I loved their responses!

We started to make one of our family gifts today: Salt dough ornaments. I let each student pick which shape they would like  to haveand then baked them that evening. Today, we got to paint them! I love making these each year and the students really enjoy them. I made them with my teacher when I was in kindergarten and my parents still have it on their tree each year :)

We began the morning by reviewing patterns on candy canes!

We practiced our new addition strategy: adding on a number line.

Today, I let write their very own addition equations. They got to solve their own equations using any of the addition strategies they have been learning. I was so proud and impressed!

We placed our wonderful equations on a reindeer!


We reread 'Santa's Stuck' and completed a story map.

We have been doing LOTS of testing this week. We finished our week and celebrated all of their success by making Christmas trees out of ice cream cones! They had so much fun making these!

Here is a preview of what we will be doing next week. We will be finishing up some of the Christmas Unit activities that we did not get to this week. 



Click HERE of the picture below to grab this Christmas Unit for your classroom! It is on sale until Tuesday :)

My Gingerbread Man Unit is also on sale until Tuesday! Happy Holidays!

We also, will be doing my Polar Express Unit. I will be working on getting that together all day and will have it posted either tonight or tomorrow.

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