Saturday, November 16, 2013

Turkey, Turkey, Turkeys!!!

We had a great week doing LOTS of fun activities and learning with our TURKEY Unit! We are very excited for Thanksgiving and doing all of these turkey activities this week has gotten us even more excited! 

Here is what our week looked like:

In math, we started to get a deeper understanding of different patterns. Today we focused on AB patterns. We made different patterns, mixed them up and put them back in the correct pattern!

We made AB patterns with unifix cubes.

We completed our very own AB Pattern Book!

We read 'The Great Turkey Race'. At the end of the story the turkeys ran away, but we don't know where they went. So, I had my students write about where they think ran to. Such cute responses!! I got some good laughs!
 (I think they went to the park.)

(I think they turkeys ran to the cave.)

(I think the turkeys went to the movies.)

(I think they go to the pumpkin patch.)

We continued our patterns with ABC patterns today.

Then, we made some ABC patterns using pattern blocks.

They completed their very own ABC Pattern Book.

We finished filling in our story map for 'The Great Turkey Race'

We made the turkeys from the story to go with our writing from yesterday. I let them pick which character was their favorite and they made that turkey.

We started our day with complete the pattern practice.

Today we focused on AAB patterns.

We made AAB patterns with colored tiles.

They completed their very own AAB Pattern Book.

We read the cute story 'Turkey Trouble'. They learned the word disguise today! They wrote about their favorite disguise from the story.

Today we focused on ABB patterns.

We practiced making ABB patterns.

We made these super cute turkeys to practice making different patterns. They used squares for the turkeys feathers. Each feather is a different pattern!

We reread 'Turkey Trouble' and wrote about how they would disguise a turkey. I love their creativity!
 (I will dress him like Rapunzel.)

 (I will make him a pumpkin.)

(I will make him a cowboy.)

Then, they disguised a turkey to go with their writing! I stapled their writing from yesterday and today to the back of the turkey!






For morning work, we practiced coloring the turkeys feathers different patterns.

I had a room full of ADORABLE turkeys!! We made these turkey hats!

We finished our Turkey Pattern Anchor Chart

We read a mini math reader where students had to color the turkeys feathers the correct kind of pattern that they read. Our sight word this week was 'you', so we underlined the word 'you' and circled the type of pattern we were coloring.

We made turkeys and made the feathers into a pattern. We also wrote about our pattern and feathers!

We read another cute turkey story called 'Run, Turkey, Run'. We sequenced the different places the turkey ran to. We did some interactive writing to label the different places.

Then, they completed their own sequencing page to go with the story.

We imagined being the turkey from the story and wrote about where we would run to if we were the turkey. So proud of their writing! Some more great laughs of course!
(I will run to Mexico.)

(I will run to the zoo.)

(I will run to my house).

We made a quick craft to go along with our writing.

(I will run to my mom.)

(I will go to the movies.)

We ended our Turkey Unit with these tasty turkey treats! I made Rice Krispies balls and the students made patterns with Fruit Loops for the turkeys feathers. They had so much fun doing this and I was so proud of how well they did with  making patterns!




Click HERE or the picture below to get all of these Turkey Activities:

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