Friday, November 8, 2013

Pumpkin Unit!

Oh what a wonderful pumpkin week we had!! We had so much fun doing all of our pumpkin activities!! Check out my Pumpkin Unit below and our week in action!

We predicted the circumference of our classroom pumpkin! Students got to choose how long they thought the yarn would be for the pumpkins circumference. Then we checked out predictions. I had 4 students get it just right! We were so excited for them! They predicted way better than I did!
We made a chart with our predictions to show how many students predictions were too short, too long, and just right.

Then we graphed our results...

And wrote about our results!

We talked about descriptive words (adjectives) and felt our pumpkin to come up with some adjectives for our pumpkin.

These are the words we came up with!

We read the story 'From Seed to Pumpkin' and sequenced how a pumpkin grows. We did some interactive writing to go along with our sequencing.

We started our day with a pumpkin ten frame activity.

We sorted out words that remind us of length.

We measure the height of our pumpkin today with unifix cubes, paperclips, and crayons.

We wrote all of our data in our measurement books

We made a flip book to sequence how a pumpkin grows. I snapped this shot of my kiddos going over to our anchor chart on their own to help them sequence their flip books. So proud!



Today we got to measure how many pumpkins tall we are! They worked together in small groups.
Then we wrote about our measurements.

We also measured different sized pumpkins with different objects. We made predictions first and then did the actual measurements. We recorded our data in our Measurement Books.




We charted the measurements that we made.

We read the story 'The Biggest Pumpkin Ever' and wrote about what we would do with the biggest pumpkin ever! 

We started making our pumpkin glyphs today!


We started the day off by sorting pictures by their beginning sounds.

I found these cute little plastic pumpkins in the dollar section at Target and decided to use them for measuring classroom objects!

 We measured different classroom items with the mini plastic pumpkins and recorded our data.


We wrote about our classroom item measurements. I was very impressed with how some of my students were looking at the question on the paper and our word walls to spell words.

We wrote data about our pumpkin glyphs!

We practiced writing our sight word 'is' around a pumpkin. Then we unscrambled a sentence to go on our pumpkin.

I reread the story 'The Biggest Pumpkin Ever' and we compared the characters in the story.

Today I told my students that we are going to carve our classroom pumpkin! They were sooo excited! They were even more excited when they found out that they get to vote for how they want our classroom pumpkin to look!

We discussed weight today and sorted words that remind us of weight.

We predicted which objects are heavier and lighter than our pumpkin.

We tested our predictions.

After testing our predictions, we only had to move one picture to a different column!

We made a writing book for our pumpkin glyphs where we wrote about each part of the pumpkin glyph. I am so proud of their writing! They have come soooo far since the beginning of the year!



We cut open our pumpkin and got to feel inside!

We thought of descriptive words (adjectives) for the inside of our pumpkin!

Here is the result of our pumpkin carving voting that we did earlier today!

We made predictions on how many pumpkin seeds are in our pumpkin. We grouped them by 10's. (I stop at 100 since that is a big number for us right now!)

Students recorded the pumpkin seeds!

Each student got to take some pumpkin seeds home! As soon as they realized they are not baked and can not eat them (which I felt awful about!), one of my kiddos shouted "I am going to plant my pumpkin seed and water it with sugar water. It will be the biggest pumpkin ever just like our story!"
Yes my heart melted and I was one PROUD teacher. I just love those little moments. The rest of the kids were so excited about going home to start growing the biggest pumpkin ever!

Another wonderful week has come and gone fast!! Looking forward to so many more wonderful moments with my class this year. I am so lucky to have such a great class and some of the sweetest kids I have ever met! I am having such a blast with them and am so proud of them!

If you would like to have this PUMPKIN UNIT in your class, click HERE or on the picture below:

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  1. Love all of these wonderful ideas! We've already finished pumpkins, but excited to see your Thanksgiving ideas!


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