Wednesday, November 27, 2013

More Thanksgiving Fun!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL and RELAXING  Thanksgiving!! We had a fun couple days finishing up our Thanksgiving unit. Here is a look at our super short week:

We practiced making groups of 5.

We played a number game where students had to say a number and see if the turkey was hiding behind it.

We dressed up as pilgrims!! 

We read a very cute story called 'The Thanksgiving Surprise'.

We wrote about where we would hide a turkey.
(I will hide the turkey in the bath tub.)

(I will hide the turkey in a pan.)

(I will hide the turkey in my trampoline.)

(I will hide the turkey in the bus.)

We made pumpkin pie in a cup! I had some good cooks! We made this out of pumpkin spice instant pudding, graham crackers, and cool whip.


We graphed whether or not we like the pumpkin pie.

We recorded our data.

We started the day with practicing one-to-one correspondence.

Today, we dressed up as Indians!! We made a vest, necklace, and headband.

We played a fun turkey sight word game.

We finished the last page of our 'First Thanksgiving Book'.

This is the cover of our book.

We reread 'The Thanksgiving Surprise' and completed our story map.

We recreated the setting of 'The Thanksgiving Surprise'. Then, we sequenced the order that the turkey hid in the different places in the setting. Last, we retold the story with the pilgrim brothers. They turned out soo cute! I have some wonderful artists!

 Here are the placemats that the kids made for their parents for their Thanksgiving present! They turned out so cute!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

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