Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bats! Part 2 & Halloween!!

We had so much fun this week! We finished our Bats Unit and we celebrated HALLOWEEN!! Our week was jam packed with lots of learning and fun! 

You can check out my Bats Unit by click on the picture below:

Here is what our week looked like
We sorting pictures by their beginning sound for morning work.

We started to learn about the number 10 this week, so we practiced Tracing, Writing, and Finding 10

 We also practiced making AB patterns on our 
super sized ten frame!

Then the students got to be a bird or bat 
and I mixed them all up!

The rest of the class helped move them to the correct place to make an AB pattern!

We practiced showing 10 and our AB patterns 
on a smaller Ten Frame.

I read 'Stellaluna' today (adorable book!) and we began talking about the characters in the story. Here is our story map. We fill in a little bit each day on our story map. Today we did characters and setting.

They had to determine which characters were from the story and glue it in their 'Stellaluna' Writing Books.

Then we talked about what a main character is and they wrote down who the main character of the story was.

We also talked about the setting of the story. They drew a picture of the setting and then wrote what the setting was. They used our story map to help them with their writing.

We practiced unscrambling large words to make a complete sentence.

Then, they had to count out the correct number of bats to go with the sentence.

We practiced Finding Groups of ten.

I reread the story 'Stellaluna' and we talked about problem/solution today. We wrote the problem and solution on our story map and then worked on the problem/solution page in our 'Stellaluna Writing Book'.

We practiced making CVC words.

Today we practiced making AB patterns again. I placed a bunch of the pictures on the floor and students had to put them in an AB pattern.

We also made AB patterns and practiced counting to ten on our Number Line page.

We played a fun game where we had to put the numbers 1-10 in order. Then one of the partners covers their eyes while the other person takes away a card. The person who covered their eyes had to figure out which number was missing!

Today we talked about our story Stellaluna and worked on what happened during the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We wrote what happened during each part on our story map. Then we worked on the sequencing page in our 'Stellaluna Writing Books'.

Students wrote about which part was their favorite. I am so proud of how well they are writing! They have come so far from the beginning of the year!

This is what my room looked like before the kids got their. I should have taken an after picture. It was not pretty!!! But was worth it because of all the fun we had!

My wonderful parents got these cute bags for my students to use for trick or treating during the parade and that evening.

I also found these cute pumpkins at our local farmers market!

I introduced a Venn diagram and we compared bats and birds.

We did a math mini reader about bats and birds flying. Students had to count how many bats and how many birds were flying and write those numbers down on the correct line.

We made a Halloween treat bag craft! Students had to match the correct number of candy corn to the number. 

Then, they got to make a face on the front of their bag and glue a handle. They turned out so cute!!

This is what you see when you open it up :)

Instead of carving pumpkins, we painted the mini pumpkins that I got them! That had a BLAST doing this!

We tried 4 different kinds of candy corn to see which one was our favorite! I loved seeing the faces. Some of my kiddos did not like the candy corn at all.

Then, they colored the type of candy corn they liked best. (I also gave extra candy corn more to enjoy!)

We did a class graph of our favorite find of candy corn. Pumpkin candy corn was the most popular! They were not a big fan of the Indian Candy Corn.

Today we finished up our Number 10 Board!

We did an All About Number 10 page.

We did some writing in math! We glue bats and birds onto our picture and wrote a sentence about how many bats and birds can fly.

We also reviewed our Venn Diagram about bats and birds. We made a fun flip book and wrote about how bats and birds are different and alike.

We finished the last page of our 'Stellaluna Writing Books'. Today we wrote about our favorite part of the story!

We put a cute bat on the cover of our 'Stellaluna Writing Books'. We did not glue the wings down so that it looks like it is flying!

One of my kiddos liked how Stellaluna was giving a hug!

We also made cute bat hats to wear for the day!

We made bat treats for having such a great week and working hard!

I found these bat rings at Walmart and of course had to buy them to give to my kiddos!

Next week we will be doing a pumpkin unit! I am so excited for all of the fun activities we will be doing! :)

If you would like to do this bat unit in your class, you can click HERE or on the picture:

Some of the math activities we did this week can be found here:

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