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Scarecrows- Week 2 & FREEBIE!

We had another FUN week here in kindergarten continuing our Scarecrow Unit! This week was also the end of the first quarter so the kids did not have school on Friday and I have been busy getting report cards all done. I can't get over how fast time has gone by! 
I am so proud of my kiddos and how much they have progressed from the beginning of the year!!  :)

We continued our 2nd week of my scarecrow unit with LOTS more math, reading, and writing activities. Check out our fun week:

We worked on the Number 7 all week. We started the week off with Rainbow Write and Glue Crows on the number 7

We worked on more our less with out super sized classroom scarecrow. I would turn my easel around and tape crows on each arm of the scarecrow. When I would turn the easel back around, students would point to the arm that showed more crows. Then they would point to the arm that showed less crows. We wrote the words to help us with our new math vocabulary.

We also did a follow up activity where we counted how many crows were in each group and wrote the number. Then we looked at both groups to determined which had 'more or less' and wrote the correct word underneath the group of crows.

I read the story: 'The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything'. (Such a fun book!) I stopped reading right before the little old lady went to answer the door and had students make a prediction of what they think would be at the door. We drew our predictions behind the door on a house. Here were some super cute predictions:



I had students help me order numbers 1-7. I gave each student a random number and had them stand in a line. The rest of the class had to help move the students/crows to the correct place so that our numbers were in the correct order.



We also did this follow up activity where we had to cut out the crows and glue them in the correct order on the fence. We wrote a sentence about the crows on the fence using our sight word of the week 'we': 'We can see 7 crows'.

We also made a more or less flip book. Students had to divide up 7 crows any way they wanted to and write which group of crows had more and which group of 
crows had less.

Today we reread the story 'The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything'. The students did such a great job at remembering the story and read along with me at some points. Especially during the sounds that each part of the scarecrow made. We labeled each part that following the old lady and matched it t the sound it made.

Wednesday: FREEBIE (Scroll Down)
Today we practiced making groups of 7. I get such a kick out of hearing the students count out one at a time and after they get the 7th bear they shout 'STOP'! They are at least remembering to stop counting objects when they hear themselves say the last number :)

We did a math mini reader which included counting out crows from 1-7. We practiced reading this mini reader first and filled in our sight word 'we' to complete the sentence. We also traced the number on the page. After we read through this mini reader, I placed crows in the middle of their tables and they glued the correct number of crows to each page.

FREEBIE TIME!! We did a 'Comparing Towers' activity for more practice on more and less.
How to play: 
  • Place a bucket of unifix cubes in the middle of the table.
  • Give each student a sheet with 2 cube towers next to each other. This is their 'tower recording sheet'.
  • Have students take 1 handful of cubes and make a tower with the ones they grabbed. (Students will try to take WAY more then they can take with one hand when you are not watching. So really make sure to explain 1 HANDFUL ONLY)
  • Have the students count how many cubes are in the tower.
  • On their 'tower recording sheet' have them color one of the towers the same amount of cubes as they have in their tower.
  • Put that tower to the side.
  • Now have them take another handful of cubes and make a new tower with the ones they grabbed.
  • Have students count how many cubes are in their tower.
  • Students will now color the other tower on their 'tower recording sheet' the same amount of cubes as they have on their new tower.
  • Students will now look at the two towers that they colored and determine which tower has more and which tower has less.
    • You can also have them look at the 2 towers that they made with the unifix cubes to determine more or less.
  • Have students circle the tower that shows more. 
  • Students will pull the cubes apart and place the cubes back in the bucket and play again!
    • I have my students play 2 times and then glue their work onto a piece of construction paper.
Click HERE or any of the pictures below for the FREEBIE!


Today we made a sequencing anchor chart to go along with the story 'The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything'.

Today we practice unscrambling words to make a sentence. We made sentences that went along with the story. I gave a random word to each student and scrambled them all up. We practiced reading each word and got a big laugh over how silly the sentence sounded! I had those who were not holding the words help move the students to the correct place to make a complete sentence. We made sure to read the sentence each time we moved someone to see if it made sense. I loved watching them work together. They are just so cute and kind to each other!!

(all mixed up silly sentence)

(one of the students helping fix our sentence)

(our complete sentence!)

(here is another example all mixed up)

(great work!)

We finished our week learning all about the number 7 with our completed Number 7 Board!

We celebrated with 'All About the Number 7' Practice

We compared our names to the word 'scarecrow'! We recorded our data to go along with it!
First, we cut out the letters in the word 'scarecrow' and had them glue them in the correct order on a sentence strip. I wrote the word scarecrow for them to look at. I was BEYOND impressed at how well they were able to put this long word together correctly!

Next, they wrote the letters of their name in boxes. I let them trace the letters with markers. They cut the letters out and glued them onto a sentence strip as well.

They wrote the word 'scarecrow', counted how many letters it has, and wrote that number. They did the same with their name.

Last, they took all of the information they had and graphed how many letters 'scarecrow' has and how many letters they have in their name. They also wrote which name had the most letters and which name had the least. They drew a picture of themselves and the scarecrow too!

We had a Super Scary Pumpkin Head Scarecrow in our classroom today just like our story! We labeled the scarecrow for extra practice!

We did a sequencing activity for our story of the week: 'The Little Old Lady Who Was not Afraid of Anything'.


We also made the Scary Pumpkin Head Scarecrow and did a sentence unscramble about him.

My new favorite thing is laying out all of the pieces in the order they need them to make the craft. Students come to the carpet when to get the piece they need when they are ready. There is never any traffic and I am able to walk around for any help that is needed :)


We had such a BLAST with our Scarecrow Unit! 
Click HERE or on the pictures above to grab this unit for your class! 

 My Scarecrows Unit has been updated with even more fun activities! If you have this unit already, make sure to download it again to get all of the new activities and other updates :)


Some activities also came from My Numbers 1-10 Galore Pack:

Next week is our Spider Unit! 
I can't wait for another great week!

Happy end of the first quarter to all of you 
who just finished!! :)

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