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Scarecrows- Week 1 & a FREEBIE!!

We had a WONDERFUL week learning all about scarecrows! We had a blast doing lots of math, reading, and writing activities about scarecrows and we LOVED making lots of scarecrow crafts! All of these activities below can be found in my Scarecrow Unit. Check out the fun week we had:
Click HERE or on the picture to get my Scarecrow Unit!

After reading 'Falling Leaves and the Scarecrow' we made an informational chart about scarecrows.

We made groups of 6

We practiced counting out 6 crows on our HUGE scarecrow! We also practiced decomposing the number 6 on the scarecrows arms. We were shocked at how many ways we could make 6!

We used our informational writing anchor chart to help us fill in our own informational writing page about scarecrows.

We also made a scarecrow to go with our writing.

We had our scarecrow holding our writing because he was so proud of our very first informational writing! :)

We used crows to practice counting to 6 on our super sized number line.

We practices hopping to the number 6 while being crows!

We made a 6 crow fold down flip book. We practiced counting and adding 6 crows onto the scarecrow and also taking crows away!

We talked about the different parts of a scarecrow. My students helped me write the different parts of the scarecrow. They wrote the letters and sounds that we have learned!

We used our crows to fill in 6 on a super sized ten frame.

FREEBIE!!! We played this fun game 'What's Your Lucky Number?!' We rolled a die and counted the dots. We then wrote the number on our graph that we landed on. The first number to reach the star was our lucky number! After we played, I had everyone come to the carpet with their paper. I had the students break up into groups depending on their lucky number. We counted how many students were in each group. We had the most students in the group with the lucky number of 6. We decided that number 6 was our class's lucky number! Click HERE or the pictures below to grab this FREEBIE!



We read 'The Scarecrow's Hat' (super cute story!). We started our anchor chart by filling in the problem that each character had in the story. 
I used the pictures for the anchor chart from Plant Press blog!

We played a game called 'Roll A Crow'. Students rolled a die and whatever number they landed on they got to take that part of the crow. The first person to get all of their pieces won! Everyone got to glue the crow together at the end :)


We practiced counting on to get to 6 altogether. I placed a number of crows on one arm of the scarecrow and students would have to figure out how many more we needed to add to the other arm to get 6 crows altogether. This was challenging, but my students really understood it! I was super impressed!!

After the scarecrow, we did a mini reader. This mini reader was also a counting on to 6 math activity. I placed a certain amount of crows onto each page and students needed to determine how many more they needed to add/glue to get 6 altogether. We LOVED reading this mini reader and counting how many crows were on the page. My students thought it was so funny that I forgot to put all 6 crows onto each page. I told them I accidentally forgot because I must have been sleepy and needed their help. On the last page, I did not put any crows and one of my kiddos told me that I should get a BIG cup of coffee! Too cute!


We finished our anchor chart for the Scarecrows Hat by finding the solution for each character. SOlution was a hard word for some of my kiddos, so we used lots of examples that they could relate to. (For example: I told them that we have a big problem in here some times. Our shoes are untied a lot! What is a solution to fix that problem? Tie your shoes of course!)
 These pictures were from Mrs. Plants Press Blog. 

We made 2D shape scarecrows! I wanted to show you how I do crafts in my room. After I show my students how to make the craft, I layout all of the pieces they need in the order they need them on my carpet. They come to the carpet to get the piece that they need. This works WONDERS!! It is so much easier than running around the room carrying all the pieces in your hands while 10+  of your students are telling you at the same time that they are ready for the next part!   

Here are our 2D scarecrows made out of: triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles.


We filled out a graph to show how many we used of each shape to make our scarecrow.


We also wrote which shape was used the most and which shape was used the least.

We started our writing books on the different parts of our scarecrow. We will continue them next week because there was just not enough time! (Never is!)

Next Week is a short week because it is the end of the first quarter and will be doing report cards on Friday. I can't get over how fast this first quarter went by!! I have so many more fun scarecrow activities that I decided to continue learning all about scarecrows next week too! Here is a preview of some of the activities we will be doing next week that are also in my scarecrow unit:

Our book focus for the week is: 'The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything'. We will make a scarecrow anchor chart where we label the different parts with the onomatopoeia words.

We will stop our story before the little old lady answers the door. We will be making a prediction of who is at the door.

We will be making an anchor chart to sequence our story of the week.

We will make a fun flip up sequencing page to go with the story.

We will be working on number 7 next week. We will be ordering numbers 1-7 and write a sentence about it.

We will compare our names to the word 'scarecrow' and graph our results and write about it.

We will be working on more and less.

We will make a more or less flip book.

We will read a math mini reader about the number 7 while counting out and gluing the correct number of crows onto each page.

I have ALL of these scarecrow activities (2 weeks of activities!) in my Scarecrow Unit. Click HERE or the picture below to get this unit for your classroom!

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