Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy October! When is Halloween?!?!

Can you believe it is October already!! My class has been beyond excited to get to this month! Maybe because I told them we are not talking about Halloween until October! They have been wanting to talk about Halloween since the first week of school!
I feel very lucky to get to celebrate holidays at my school. I love decorating my class. I stayed extra late on Monday to get the room all ready. Here is what the room looks like when you walk in. My students reaction and excitement when they walked into the room was priceless! 

One thing that I loved is that a lot of my kiddos thought that Halloween was yesterday. Too cute! If your class is anything like mine, they also will think Halloween is every day until it is actually Halloween! And also ask 100x "When is it Halloween"?!   

Something I like to do to help my students understand how many days until a holiday, class party, special event, etc. at our school is to do a paper chain link countdown. I place this next to my calendar and each day we take off one link during our calendar time. We then count how many days left until the holiday, class, party, special event, etc.

Here is our Halloween paper chain link:

They get sooooo excited each day when we take a link off! We love Mondays because we get to take off 3 (Saturday & Sundays)! This also really helps with the students asking when is Halloween (1,000x!) especially since it is the last day of October. I of course don't mind the excitement, but I am sure you all know what I mean! Happy October to everyone!

This week we are also starting my Fall & Halloween centers! Today is the last day of my sale!! Click the pictures below to check them out!

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