Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Fun FREEBIE!!

2 days until Halloween!! We have been counting down ALL month and my kiddos are BEYOND excited!! (I actually think some of my students have been waiting for this day since the first day of school!)

I want to share a fun FREEBIE with everyone that you can use on Halloween with your kiddos!

We will be doing a fun candy corn activity where students get to taste 4 different kinds of candy corn! YUM!! 

They will decide which candy corn is their favorite and graph it on our class graph. We will then record the data and write about our favorite candy corn! 

(I have recently learned that some of my students have never had candy corn, so I am REALLY looking forward to this!)

I have also included a cute label that you can use on plastic fangs. These can be used as a gift for your students on Halloween or placed inside a treat bag for your students. 

Click HERE or any of the pictures to get this FREEBIE!

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