Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bats, Bats, Bats! (Part 1)

This week we started our bat unit!! What a fun week we had and it was super short! This week was parent teacher conferences, so the kids did not have school on Thursday or Friday. 

We had a FUN start to our bats unit and look forward to the 2nd part of it next week! :)

Here is what we did this short week:


This week we worked on the Number 9! We started with our number board and then working on tracing, writing, and finding the number 9.

We put the bat back together again by counting the dots on the wing and gluing it next to the matching number.

Before we read a book about bats, we discussed 'our schema' on bats and wrote it down. I loved hearing what they already knew! My favorite was 'bats turn into vampires!'. Too Cute!!
Then, I read a nonfiction book about bats! The book we read was, 'National Geographic Kids: Bats'. This was a wonderful, informative, and kid friendly book all about bats! After the book, we wrote down our 'new learning' about bats and we were able to look at 'our schema' and move some things into our 'misconceptions'. I have the words 'can', 'have', and 'are' posted as well for the students to see and guide them when sharing their knowledge to the class.

We did an informational writing chart about bats.

Our sight word this week was 'me' and we were learning the letter 'Bb', so I thought directed drawing of a bat, reading a sentence, and writing the sentence would be some great practice and perfect to go along with our bat unit!

We filled in 9 bats on our super large ten frame. I had only 18 students that day in class, so everyone got a chance to be bats today!

We practiced putting numbers 1-9 in order.

Then we got our own bats and put them in order from 1-9. I had the numbers mixed up like usual and the students think it is so funny that I 'forget' to put them in the correct order. They always tell me 'Don't worry Mrs. Miller we can fix it for you.' They are the sweetest and give me some good laughs!

This was not exactly planned, but my students assumed we were turning these into hats! 
I guess we have made quite a few hats with our sentence strips :)
Soooo, we ended up having 1-9 bat hats! Maybe I should have my kiddos help me plan because they turned out to be super cute!
We reread our nonfiction book today and completed a bat diagram anchor chart.

We made our own bat diagrams and cut them out. We are making a bat book/craft so this page will be added to the book tomorrow!

We went through our Number 9 Board a little quicker than normal this week because of our short week, but they did a great job!

We did All About Number 9 practice

We read a math mini reader about bats and I took away the number and the word 'me' since that was our sight word this week. Students had to count how many bats were on the page and then write the number down. Then, they would write the word 'me' to complete the sentence. We would then read the completed sentence.

This was the last page of the math reader. I surprised them by taking ALL the words out and they had to count the bats and write the sentence on their own. They did some great writing!

We made a bat craft today!

This is the 'bat book' that we also made today to go on our bat craft! Students used all of their knowledge that they learned this short week about bats and wrote their own bat fact sentences! The last page of the book is the bat diagram that they made yesterday.

I was so proud of their writing! They are really working on writing the letters that they hear when they stretch out the words.
(Bats can hang upside down.)

 (Baby bats are blind.)

(Baby Bats are called pups.)

(Bats live in the night.)

(Bats can fly.)

 (Bats can hide in the attic.)

I will post the 2nd part of the bat unit after we finish it next week :) 
You can check out my Bats Unit HERE or by clicking on the pictures below:

Our 50th day of school was this week. Here are 50th day of school badges to go along with your celebration! Click HERE or the Picture Below:

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