Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sight Words & FREEBIES!

We are really working hard on sight words. I have been focusing on one sight word a week. This week our sight word was 'can'. Here are some activities we did for the sight word of the week with a couple FREEBIES!

After introducing the word 'can' and having everyone share a sentence about something that they can do, I had the students write the word 'can' on the bottom of a post-it. I then had them draw a picture of something that they 'can' do. 

Each student got to share their picture and say a sentence using their picture they drew 'I can _____.' and then they got to post it around our sight word. They LOVED getting to do this and especially the fact that the paper stuck to the wall!

'I can slide'.

'I can hang upside down.'

We practiced writing our sight word: Trace, Write, Rainbow Write 'can'.

FREEBIE! We painted our sight word by making paint dots with Q-tips! This was our first time painting on our own this year and I was one proud teacher! No messes and it was soooo quiet!! They were focused, engaged, and having fun! Click HERE or the pictures for this FREEBIE:

Sight Word Book: Each week I do a mini reader that focuses on our sight word of the week and previous sight words. Here are details on how I use the sight word books in my class each day of the week:
Day 1: 
I introduce the story by placing one sentence at a time. We discuss basic concepts of print and reading. We find words we know and discuss reading strategies to read each sentence of the story. Students echo read and choral read.

Day 2: 
We highlight our sight word of the week with a colored piece. (I actually just use colored paper dividers and cut them into pieces.) We also echo read again on this day. I also have a student come up and point to each word with my pointer as he/she reads the sentence with the class. They feel like the teacher doing this and get a kick out of it :)

Day 3: 
Students get their very own sight word mini book (FREEBIE when you keep scrolling down). We sit in a circle at the carpet and do a picture walk. We then go over each page of the story together and choral read. I have students point to certain words on each page, we discuss reading strategies, find sight words, etc. I then let all the girls read the sight word book as the boys follow along and read 'in their brains' and vice versa. 

Day 4: 
I have students circle their sight word of the week with a marker. This is a big deal right now since we have not used markers very much. We sure do love markers! We also get to read this book to ourselves and to a friend today! When they read to a friend I show them the correct way to help someone if they are having trouble reading a word. It is absolutely adorable watching and hearing them help each other. They are so precious and kind!

Day 5: 
I have the student read to themselves on my whisper phones. We also get to color our sight word book today and keep practicing as I walk around and have students read a few pages of their sight word book to me. This gives me a quick idea on how each student is reading. I am able to jot down any notes that I need to during this time :) We also get to take home our sight word book today!

This Sight Word Mini Reader is a FREEBIE! Click HERE or any of the pictures below:

Writing Sentences with 'can' mini book:

I have this writing book as a FREEBIE! Click HERE or the pictures! 

This week we started to write small sentences using our sight word 'can'. Here are the details on how I taught writing and this writing book this week:

Day 1: 
We brainstormed a list of ideas of different things that we can do. I made that fun little writing map on my easel. I then modeled how I can look at the map to write a sentence. I modeled this about 4 times :)

Day 2: 
More modeling! I then had each student come up to me to tell me what sentence they were going to write. This was in hopes that when they went to their seats to write, that they knew where to look and what to write. Luckily, it was worth the extra time it took for each student to tell me their sentence because they did wonderful! They went to their seats and received their very own 
'I Can Write Book'. They only wrote one sentence on this day and then drew a picture to go with their sentence.

Day 3: 
We added more words to our writing map of different things we can do. We discussed and read all of our different ideas on the map a few times. Some students were remembering the words we had on our map! Then, they went back to their seats to write another sentence in their 'I Can Write Book' and drew a picture to go with it.

Day 4: 
We wrote 2 more sentences in our 'I Can Write Book' and drew pictures to go with the sentences. 
That is 4 sentences in ALL! 

Day 5: 
We got to share our writing books with the class. Each student shared one page to the class and then everyone got to share their entire book to a couple friends in the class. 
We also got to take the book home today :)

Here are some of my students work. I am one PROUD teacher!! :)

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