Friday, September 6, 2013

Number Boards For Your Classroom!

Numbers boards are a wonderful way to show students the many different ways to represent a number. I made these number boards for my class for the numbers 1-10. Not only do they help my students learn their numbers, but they really get a deep understanding of each number!

I have received lots of requests about my 'Number Boards 1-10'. I put together everything you need so that you can make these number boards for your classroom! I also included details on how to make these number boards and how I use them in my classroom. Click HERE or the pictures below to get this!

At the beginning of the year, I focus on a number for an entire week. We focus on a particular part of the number board each day of the week and do activities to go with it. I like to make these number boards interactive and allow the students to come up and help me fill in the number board.

I do tons of activities that go along with the number boards. These activities go along with each part of the number board and take an entire week to complete. Check them out below:

Here is an example of what the week may look like:
Day 1: Introduce the number and number word.
          Model writing the number
          *Complete Trace, Write, and FInd Number page
          *Complete Rainbow Write/Cheerios Writing page (Sometimes 
            we fill  the numbers in with different shapes instead of 

Day 2: Review writing number
           Make groups of the number
           Draw groups of the number
           *Complete find groups page
           *Make groups with manipulatives at tables.

Day 3: Review making groups
           Review drawing objects and fill in tallies
           Fill in ten frame to go with the number
           *Complete Trace, Write Number and Fill in Ten Frame cut/glue 

Day 4: Review ten frame and tallies
           Complete hops on the number line
           Fill in domino in many different ways to show different ways a  
           number can be shown on a domino.
           *Complete Number line page

Day 5: Erase the entire board and have students come up and help fill 
          in each part.
          *Complete All About the Number page (we get stickers when  
            completed for all of our hard work!

Here are some pictures of activities we have done for the numbers 2 & 3.







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