Friday, September 20, 2013

Number 5 with Five Little Ducks

What a fun week we had learning all about the number 5! To help us learn the number five we did TONS of activities that also went along with the cute poem, 'The Five Little Ducks'. Here is what our week learning about the number 5 looked like:

We learned about what the number five looks like and how to write the number 5. We practice with Rainbow Writing 5 and filling in the 5 with rectangles. (We talked about rectangles this week too!)

We practiced counting our 5 bears!

We also made groups of 5 and double checked each group to make sure we had the correct amount.

We practiced with Finding Groups of 5

I read the poem: '5 Little Ducks'. We echo read the poem and choral read after a few times! We loved this poem. Especially when mother duck says "Quack, quack, quack, quack!'. We acted that out wonderfully and LOUD! 
We also practice our one-to-one correspondence 1-5

We retold the '5 Little Ducks' poem on our super large number line

We each made 5 hops on the number line while being one of the little ducks.

Some action shots of us hopping 
(sorry for the blurry action pictures!)

We also helped the ducks get back home to the barn by counting the correct number of squares on a duck and gluing it under the barn with the correct number.

We retold the '5 Little Ducks' poem on our gigantic 
ten frame!

We practiced with Trace, Write, Fill in the Ten Frame for the number 5. We used ducks to go along with our poem.

We also worked on determining how many more ducks they need to get 5 altogether. I was a little nervous about this activity, but they did incredibly well and blew me away like always! 

We finished filling in our Number 5 Board

We were able to do All About the Number 5 on our own! I give stickers to celebrate our hard work and know all the different ways to show the number 5!

Each student retold the story using 5 little ducks. (Forgot to take a picture! Sorry!)

We finished the week by making our very own 'I Like 5 Little Ducks' mini reader/counting book. Our sight word was 'like' this week so I made the sentences in this book to go along with our sight word. We read each page and then glued the correct number of ducks onto each page.



To get ALL of these fun duck activities which includes: 
1-1 correspondence practice
I Like 5 Little Ducks mini reader/counting book
5 Little Ducks Retelling using the setting
How Many More to Make 5 Altogether
Counting Duck Squares to Match the Number on the Barn
Large pictures of ducks to retell the story

Click HERE or on the picture below:

To get lots of these other number 5 activities as well as for the numbers 1-10 click on the pictures below:

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