Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Classroom Library Sticks

This year I was incredibly fortunate to receive over 300 books for my classroom library! My district provided them for each classroom teacher in our school! I am BEYOND excited and THANKFUL! I have taken the time to organize the books in my classroom library and really want to make sure that all of the books are taken good care of. 

It can be hard to keep your classroom library organized and it is so hard to see that happen when you take so much time putting it together. 

Therefore, I made a library stick for each student in my class to help keep my classroom library organized and to help them remember where to put the book after they read it. 

I didn't have an organization system a couple years ago and my classroom library was an unorganized MESS! These library sticks have been a FANTASTIC and stressless wonder in my class!

Here is what they look like:

Here is What You Need:
-Paint Sticks: I went to home depot to ask for paint sticks for my classroom and they gave me them ALL for free! They were so kind and generous!
-Spray Paint: I chose purple and yellow because those are our school colors. (I made the girls purple and  the boys yellow.)

Here is How I Made Them:

-Spray paint the paint sticks (3 coats on each side).

-Make name labels 
-Laminate the name labels
-Velcro the name labels onto the paint sticks

Ready to use! Check out the library sticks in action!

How to Use: 
-When a student chooses a book, they place their library stick in place of the book. 

-When they finish reading a book, all they need to do is look for their stick and place there book back in the place of the stick.

It was so cute seeing how excited the students were when they saw that they have their very own stick! 
**Even though I told them I made one for each of them :)

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