Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple Week!!

What a BUSY, BUSY, but super fun and wonderful week!! This week was one of my favorite weeks: APPLE WEEK!  We had an absolute blast learning all about apples and Johnny Appleseed! This week we also reviewed our numbers 1-5, discussed positional words, and did lots of activities to go along with our apple week. Check out all of the fun learning we had this week:
We read the Scholastic Vocabulary Reader 'Amazing Apples' and made a chart to sequence the apple tree process.

We made a 3D apple to show the process of an apple tree:

We traced numbers 1-5 and then cut and glued the correct number of apples next to the number.

We learned what a diagram is and made a diagram of an apple and labeled the different parts of an apple.(Pinterest idea!!)

We made our very own apple diagrams!


We practiced ordering numbers 1-5, then counting apples and placing them under the correct number, and also counting dots on a ten frame.

We started to learn about positional words: above, below, beside, next to, in front of, and behind. We used Johnny Appleseed and an apple on a string to act out these different positional words.



We read a story about Johnny Appleseed and wrote about the different things that we learned about him. I was super impressed with all the information they remembered!

We wrote about what we learned about Johnny Appleseed.

We continued practicing our numbers 1-5 and our reading with a fun counting apples with Johnny Appleseed mini reader! We read the mini reader first and then we glue the correct number of apples onto each page.





We had fun using red paint to make the correct number of fingerprints to match the number. After the paint dried, we turned the fingerprints into apples!



Everyone got to taste a piece of red, yellow, and green apple.

Then, we decided which color apple was our favorite and we graphed the results.

We recorded our results too!

And we wrote about our results!

We made Johnny Appleseed hats/pots!Since we are working on numbers 1-5, I had them glue 5 apples to their pot hats. We called each other by our new names for the day. I was 'Miller Appleseed'. They were so cute!


We made Johnny Appleseed!

We got to make more apple fingerprint today and I let the students choose how many they wanted to do (1-5). Then, we wrote about how many apples they see.

We added this apple to our Johnny Appleseed craft. They turned out adorable!

We used a green handprint and wrote our numbers 1-5 on each finger. Behind each finger, we glued the correct number of mini apples (they were actually red sequins). 

We also did a positional words mini reader with Johnny Appleseed where we had to glue an apple in the correct position.

Forgot to take pictures of our applesauce cooking, but we made applesauce today! We LOVED how yummy our room smelled all day!

You can get these activities for a fun apple week in your classroom! Click HERE or on the picture below:
*****This Apple Unit got some new updates!! You can click HERE to read my post and see lots of pictures of the updates :)


  1. I bought this but the Johnny Appleseed craft is not in the pack. Can you send me the patterns? Thanks!

  2. The Johhny Appleseed Craft Templates have been added to the Apple Week Unit :)


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