Friday, September 13, 2013

All About Number 4 with Pete the Cat & FREEBIES

What a week! A busy but wonderful week! We learned all about the number 4 this week! I could not think of a better way to learn about the number 4, but to learn it with the story: 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons'. We had a blast and did a TON of activities to go with the story and number 4. We also were able to work on retelling the story of Pete the Cat.


Here are all of the number 4 activities we did throughout the week:


We talked about squares this week, so we rainbow wrote 4 and filled in the 4 with squares.

We counted out 4 buttons to go along with 'Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons'

Our very own Pete the Cat that we used to help 
retell the story!

The last picture is Pete's belly button! Our favorite 
part of the story!

Our super sized ten frame where we retold the story using super sized buttons. Grab this large button HERE

Trace, Write, Fill in the ten frame cut/glue for the number 4. We used buttons to go along with the story.

Fill in the ten frame 1-4. This is a FREEBIE! You can grab it HERE or click on the picture:

Our super sized number line. I told my class it is the biggest number line EVER! They were amazed! I overheard some of my students tell their friends in other classes about our super sized number line. Too cute!

We took 4 hops! Each student had to hop starting from 0-4 before they went back to their seats. They loved hopping and counting!


We made Pete the Cat! Each student got 4 buttons for his shirt, but we did not glue them on so that they could retell the story. I gave them a baggie to put the buttons in so that they could retell the story at home. You can grab this Pete the Cat Craft Template HERE

We all loved when Pete sang about his belly button!

1-4 flip book. Click HERE or any of the pictures for this FREEBIE!

We drew the correct number of buttons 
underneath each number.


Our number 4 board that we filled in throughout the week:
Click HERE or the picture to get these number boards.

We ended the week with 'All About Number 4'!

You can get ALL of these activities HERE or click the picture below:


  1. I just LOVE these number four activities. We will begin working on the numbers as soon we get back from fall break.

    Thank for sharing!

  2. Thank you for the template! This made prep time super easy and fast!


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