Friday, August 2, 2013

Year Long Activities for Writing Center

This has been UPDATED: Click HERE to see this updated Activity!

This is an activity that I use ALL year long and does so many wonderful things for my students. They are my Monthly Vocabulary Words and Writing Books. 

I like to do this activity in my writing center. Students create their very own writing book using pictures that relate to the month. I have created 12 monthly vocabulary pages (in color and black and white) that have 12 vocabulary words and pictures for each month. I have also created 2 different versions of writing books for each month to go along with the vocabulary pages. Here is an example below:

Each month I like to print 3 copies of the vocabulary pages and laminate them for durability. I also make each student a writing book for the month. I take the vocabulary pages and place them in my writing center for students to look at and get ideas to write about in their writing book. 

 I let them choose what they want to write. They can create a story, write a sentence about a picture, write about what they like, etc.! They really enjoy this activity because they get to be creative, they build confidence, and independence!

I also let students share some pages of their book with the class during the month. It is so amazing to see how creative they are and how much their writing improves each month. They always exceed my expectations! I love seeing how proud they are of themselves and to hear all of the nice compliments they give each other :) SO cute!!

I have created Monthly Vocabulary pages and Writing Books for the entire year (January-December).  If you would like to grab this fun activity click HERE.

Click on the picture to grab these for your writing center

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