Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night!

The night had finally come! I get to meet my students! I LOVE that my school has decided to do 'Meet the Teacher' night. This was our 2nd year doing this at our school and I think it is a wonderful way to get the students ready to come to school...especially for kindergarteners! I love getting to meet each of the students and getting the opportunity to talk with parents and answer any questions that they may have. 

I also like to make this evening a lot of fun for the family by having a classroom scavenger hunt!

Here is what my 'Meet the Teachers' night looks like:

When a family enters my room, I introduce myself to my student and to their parents/family. I briefly talk with them and give them a paper and let them know they are going on a scavenger hunt around my room. I like doing a scavenger hunt because it lets them explore my room and get comfortable with what I like to call their '2nd home'!

Scavenger Hunt:

-They find their seat: At their seat I have a large brown paper bag with a note on it. This large paper bag is for the parents to place the school supplies that they brought.

-They find their hook in the closet where they will hang up their book bag and jacket

-They find the kidney shaped table: I have mom/dad fill out a student information packet. I have them do this right  then and there so I know that I have the information for how they will get home on the first day of school. (SOOO important!)

-The child finds the classroom library: I have the child go here while their parents are filling out paperwork. I have a small paper mini reader that they can take home with them about what they see at school. (I use the emergent reader from Deanna Jump's blog. She is amazing!)

-Find Me! (last): After they have gone everywhere I sent them to and the student gives me the completed student information packet, I like to give them a special treat! 

(Cute Poem I found on Sunny Days in Second)

I also give a poem to the parents as well :) (I got this poem from a wonderful blog called: A Cupcake for the Teacher)

I have some wonderful students (sooo adorable too!) and wonderful families! I know this is going to be another fantastic year!


  1. Would you mind sharing the forms your parents fill out at open house? I have been looking everywhere for English/Spanish forms!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Tanya! Yes of course I will share the parents forms! The form I created has my school information on it, but I took off my schools phone number and you will just need to add yours in. I placed the student information form in my TPT store for free.
    Here is the link:

    Hope you will be able to use this for your class! :)

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