Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alphabet Books!

86 Alphabet Books you can use in your classroom!
A fun activity I do with my class when I am teaching the 1st and 2nd alphabet are these alphabet mini readers! These mini readers last from the beginning of the year all the way into the end of the 3rd quarter! I truly believe these are a huge part to the success my students had with learning their letters, sounds, sight words, and reading.  There are books for each letter in the 1st alphabet and each chunk/sound in the 2nd alphabet. 86 Books in all!

*Click HERE or on any of the pictures to get these books!

I have designed these books in a way where students will be able to:
-Practicing identifying the letter/sound you are focusing on
-Identify different objects that have the letter/sound you are working on
-Read different sight words
-Write different sight words
-Stretch out words
-Write cvc words
-Gain lots of confidence
-Gain independence
-MOST IMPORTANTLY: get those beginning readers to READ!!!

Here is an example of the letter 'Bb' book from the 1st alphabet. These pictures show the book with and without missing words:

Here is an example of the 'oy, oi' book from the 2nd alphabet. These pictures show the book with and without missing words:

Each book has 5 pictures that begins with or has the letter/sound we are focusing on. Underneath each picture is a sentence that goes with the picture. The sentences are repetitive in the books so that the students can really practice identifying the letter/sound they are focusing on, practice their sight words, and to help with reading. 
I have created 2 sets for each book. That is 86 books in all for you to use in your classroom! One set of the books have complete sentences and the other set of books have some missing words in the sentences. 

The books with missing words are great to do as a whole group activity because students need to brainstorm which words makes the most sense to go in the blank to make the sentence complete. They get to determine the missing word, write the missing word(s), and read the sentence! 

These books really teach the basics of reading and build so much confidence! 

These books can be used as a whole group activity, small group, guided reading, you can add them to your classroom library, and so much more! Click HERE or on the picture below to check them out:

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