Sunday, July 28, 2013

Number Boards

Another summer project I have been working on are Number Boards. I made these for the numbers 1-10. I plan on using them when I focus on a specific number with my class. I want to show how a number can be represented in many different ways. These boards are also interactive for my students! You can grab them HERE:

On the numbers boards I have included: 
- Number
- Written number
- Number displayed on fingers
- Ten Frame (I have small stars that fit in each box. The stars and each box will have velcro. I will have the students come up and place in each box).
- Writing lines to display how to form the letter
- Tally Marks
- Draw the number
- Domino (show different ways to make the number)
- Number Line

Rather than just using one board and switching out the numbers, I decided to use 5 boards and have numbers 1-5 on one side of the boards and 6-10 on the other side. This way I can display the different numbers we are working on in the classroom.

Click HERE or any of the pictures to get these Number Boards:

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