Friday, July 12, 2013

My Very First Freebie!

I am giving away my very first FREEBIE!!

Star Letter Necklaces: FREEBIE!!
A very important part of kindergarten at the beginning of the year is making sure the students know their letters. A fun activity that I do with my students after I introduce a letter to them is determining which students names in the class has the letter that we are focusing on that day. I write their names on index cards and we decide as a class if they have the letter in their name. If they do, they place it on my pocket chart that says 'yes'. If they do not, they place it on my pocket chart that says 'no'.
**I need to get into my classroom to take a picture of this pocket chart activity I have to go with this. I will post it as soon as I can get into my room!

At the beginning of the year, we decide together one name at a time who does and who does not have the letter in their name... yes this takes time. As we do this more and they are getting more familiar with letters, I give them their index card and they decide when it is their turn and the class tells them if they were correct or not. 
If they DO have the letter we are learning that day in their name, they get to wear a STAR LETTER NECKLACE for the day. They LOVE THIS! By wearing the necklace all day, it is another way to reinforce the letter that they are learning and it has truly been a huge hit and success in my room! They get so excited to learn the letter, wear the necklace, count how many students names have the letter we are learning, etc. I have included the necklaces as a FREEBIE!! I included the directions on the first page. Click on the picture for the freebie. Hope you enjoy!

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