Monday, July 29, 2013

Sight Word Flip Book

Sight Word Flip Book
Sight words sight words sight words! What more can I say! They are so important for beginning readers and we focus on them A LOT in kindergarten. I am always trying to come up with fun new ways for my students to practice their sight words. I have created a sight word flip book that students can work with on their own, with a partner, and can even be used during guided reading groups! Students earn stickers for each sight word they learn. I really noticed a HUGE difference in my students learning and remembering their sight words this past year. This flip book is fun and gives them confidence!

Click on any of the pictures to get this sight word flip book at my TPT store :)

Each book has 79 sight words.  Don't worry, I do not start my students with ALL 79 sight words in their book. I like to start with the easier sight words that we focus on at the beginning of the year and slowly add more pages to their sight word book as a student is ready for more pages to be added. The nice thing about this book is that each students book might be a little different than another students book because some might have more pages than another. This is all okay because we are meeting that particular child's needs! Next to the sight words are small boxes. During small reading groups, I will go over some of the words with a couple students and place a sticker in the box next to the words they know. They get so excited for those stickers! I add more pages to their flip book with more words once they are getting close to learning all of the words they have.

How to make: 

-Print out all of the pages.

-Cut the pages in half and then leave about a 1/2" margin around the dotted lines. 

-Laminate the pages (I only do this for durability and because I am laminator crazy!)

-Cut out the pages from the laminate.
-Choose which pages you will be using for which students and hole punch the corner and hold them together with a metal ring.

Click on any of the pictures to get this sight word flip book at my TPT store :)

How I Use:
-I keep these sight word flip books in baskets that are color coordinated for each table. If a student is finished with their work early, they can get their sight word flip book and practice saying the words to themselves or with the person sitting next to them. (I always have them continue to practice the words that earned a sticker). 

-I also use these during our Monitored Independent Reading time. During this time I am conferencing with a student on their reading, the other students can read a book or practice their sight words in this sight word flip book.

-I check their sight words during small reading groups. I do admit that I do not check every day and only get to a couple students when I do check. Stickers take a little bit of time, but the students love them and feel so proud of themselves when they earn them. (Unfortunately there is just not enough time in the day!)

Star Student of the Week & Freebie

Super Star of the Week!

One of my students favorite things during the week is when we get to learn about our Super Star Student of the Week! I decided to call them this because I have a star theme in my classroom. I do many activities during the week with the star student and the entire class to make the week extra special for that student. Below is the weekly layout of how I do the Super Star of the Week in my class:


At the end of the day, I announce who the new Super Star Student of the Week. I like to do this at the end of the day on Friday because it is a good way to end the week and this also gives the student/family time to prepare during the weekend. I send home a letter that looks like this:

I also attach to the letter, a 'Read All About Me' poster and a brown paper bag for the student to bring in some special items they would like to share with the class.


As soon as the Super Star of the Week walks in, they give me their completed poster, the brown paper bag full of items to share, and any other pictures they would like to share. I hang up their poster and their pictures on our special 'Super Star of the Week' door. They are so excited and proud to have their poster up on the door. It is just so cute to see them beaming with joy! They also get a cool chair cover for their seat all week long and I display their name on it. (I bought the chair covers in the $1 section at Target... my favorite place!) I will have a picture of the chair covers tomorrow.

At the end of the day, the Super Star Student gets to share their poster, pictures, and items they brought in the brown paper bag with the class.


During morning work, I ask the Super Star Student to answer a couple questions for me: 
1. What do you like to eat? 
2. What do you like to do? 
3. How old are you?
I place their answers on index cards and get them ready for calendar time.
During calendar time, I display their answers on a pocket chart and the Super Star Student gets to share this with the class. I also allow the class to ask the Super Star Student some other questions that they want to know.

During calendar time today, the Super Star Student gets to complete their name puzzle. I write their name on a sentence strip and make it into a puzzle. I place it on the pocket chart and they get to unscramble it. After their puzzle, they get to chant their name using a super cool plastic microphone :) 
(Example of chant: If their name is Kayla. 
Student: "Give me a K"  
Whole class shouts: "K" 
Student: "Give me an a" 
Whole class shouts: "a"
Student: "Give me a y"
Whole class shouts: "y"
Student: "Give me an l" 
Whole class shouts: "l"
Student: "Give me an a"  
Whole class shouts:  "a"
Student: "What does that spell? 
Whole class shouts: "Kayla!!!"

Below is my name puzzle:

During Calendar time today, the Super Star Student gets to chant their name using a fun megaphone! They do the same chant as yesterday with the class. 
We also begin to write a letter for the Super Star Student of the Week. Each student in the class gets a paper where they write the Super Star Students name, then their own name at the bottom of the letter. Each student writes a sentence or more about something they like about the star student, something they learned, or something nice about the star student. They also draw a picture to go with their writing. The Super Star student always likes to write a letter to themselves :) Once everyone finishes (sometimes we have to finish on Friday depending on time), I make all of their letters into a book for the Super Star of the Week to take home on Friday.

Today during calendar, the Super Star Student of the Week gets to chant their name in either the microphone or the megaphone... they get to pick! (9 times out of 10, they pick the megaphone!). Sometimes we finish the letters today or are just starting to write the letters today. It depends on the week! I do however, make sure their letters are complete and the book is made by the end of the day. I make a cover for the book and hole punch all of the letters with the cover. I then tie a bow with yarn in each hole to complete the book. 
Finally, the FREEBIE!!! The freebie is the page that the students write the letter to the star student on. Enjoy! The first page is for students who write one sentence and the second page is for students who may write more than one sentence.Here is what the book looks like (Click on the book for your FREEBIE!):


I give the book to the Super Star Student at the end of the day with a big hug! And of course, I get to then announce the new Super Star Student of the Week! I wish I had a video of some of the reactions I get when they are chosen to be the Super Star Student. It is absolutely priceless! What a fun week they have to look forward to!

**The book is a great kindergarten memory keepsake! I have had parents tell me that their child sleeps with their book, reads it every night before bed, shows it off to their entire family, etc.!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Number Boards

Another summer project I have been working on are Number Boards. I made these for the numbers 1-10. I plan on using them when I focus on a specific number with my class. I want to show how a number can be represented in many different ways. These boards are also interactive for my students! You can grab them HERE:

On the numbers boards I have included: 
- Number
- Written number
- Number displayed on fingers
- Ten Frame (I have small stars that fit in each box. The stars and each box will have velcro. I will have the students come up and place in each box).
- Writing lines to display how to form the letter
- Tally Marks
- Draw the number
- Domino (show different ways to make the number)
- Number Line

Rather than just using one board and switching out the numbers, I decided to use 5 boards and have numbers 1-5 on one side of the boards and 6-10 on the other side. This way I can display the different numbers we are working on in the classroom.

Click HERE or any of the pictures to get these Number Boards:

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Few Summer Projects!

Here are 3 things that I wanted to share with everyone that I have been working on this summer. 

1. Decorated Plastic Drawers

What you need:
Plastic Sterilite 3 drawers (I bought at Walmart)
Scrapbook Paper 12x12
Zots (these are clear dot stickers)

How to Make:

Cut out 2 1/2" strips of the scrapbook paper. I used 12 strips for 3 drawers. On one of the strips (for the front) I used cut out letters to make the words. I then laminated these strips and then placed a Zot on the front of each corner and the middle of each strip of laminated paper. I then pressed these strips against the inside of the drawers.

How I am using these in my classroom:

These are 3 drawers that I plan on placing at the end of each table. I have 6 tables in my classroom and identify the tables by colors. I made the inside of the drawers the table colors I use so that the students which drawers are theirs. I will be placing these drawers on a smaller plastic table at the end of each table. (I know this sounds confusing, but I will post pictures of what this looks like in my classroom this weekend!)
I plan on placing my students math journals, science journals, and poetry journals in these drawers.

2. These fuzz ball critters (I am calling them my 'star helpers') are another project that I made this summer. 

What you need: 
Fuzz balls
Thick felt
Googly eyes
Hot glue gun

How to make: I cut hearts out of thick felt and hot glued the fuzz ball to the felt and hot glued the eyes onto the fuzz ball. 

How I am using them in my classroom: Each day there will be a 'star helper' on one of the students name tags at each table. That will let the student know that they are in charge of getting the notebooks and journals for their table and passing them out. HOWEVER, if the student with the 'star helper' on their name tag is playing with the 'star helper' or is not doing what is expected, they will lose their 'star helper' for the day and it will be given to the next person at their table. This will save me lots of time from having all of these notebooks and journals in bins and having to call out the names or passing them all out myself! This will also help with classroom management :)

 3. Whisper Phones
(These are the elbows... I forgot to take a picture before I used them, but here is what the bag looks like)

(The PVC pipe cut into 6" length)

(PVC pipe with 2 elbows on the ends)

          (Duct Tape on top of the PVC Pipe...all done!)

What you need (change # to how many in your class):

25 pieces of PVC Pipes 1/2" (cut into 6" length)
5 bags of 1/2" elbows (comes 10 in a bag and you will use 2 elbows per phone)
Colored Duct Tape
***All purchased at Home Depot. I made 25 whisper phones for less than $10***

How to Make:

I went to Home Depot and had someone working there help me cut the PVC pipe and find the elbows that fit the pipe because I honestly had NO IDEA where to even begin! The PVC pipe comes as one very very long pipe and Home Depot has a special tool that you can use to cut the pipe into 6" pieces. They were very nice and helpful!
They suggested for me to buy PVC pipe glue to hold the elbows on, but you really do not need it and it will save you some money!
Once you are home, take 2 elbows and place one on each end of the PVC pipe. Make sure to push the elbow on all the way.
I bought bright blue duct tape and wrapped the PVC pipe with the tape to make them WAY more cute!

How I will use them in my classroom:

I plan on using these during guided reading, independent reading of their sight word books, read to self during Monitored Independent Reading, and much more! I can't wait!

4. Birthday Silly Straws

A cute gift to give your students on their birthday!
-You can buy the silly straws in a pack of 6 at the Dollar Tree.
-I wrote: Happy Birthday to You! Love, Mrs. Miller
on the inside of a balloon on Microsoft Word. Then I copied them onto colored paper, cut them out, laminated them, and taped them onto these silly straws! 
Quick and Easy!

**I will be working in my classroom Friday to start setting it up for the school year! I can't wait! I will have some pictures up this weekend :) I will also be posting some more summer projects!

Friday, July 12, 2013

All About Numbers 1-10

Numbers...Numbers...Numbers! There are so much for students to learn about numbers! At the beginning of the year I like to show them how to represent numbers in many different ways. Below are lots of pages for students to practice numbers 1-10.

These pages focus on numbers 1-10, where the student will get to practice writing the number, tracing the number, writing the number word, making tallies, showing the number with drawings, filling in a ten frame for the number, and coloring pictures to show the number. This really focuses on the different ways a number can be represented. It is so fun to see their faces when they realize all the things they know how to do for just one number! Click the picture below:

Click the picture to get these number pages!

Click the picture to get these number pages!

These worksheets also focus on the numbers 1-10. These pages allow the students to work on forming the numbers correctly by having a guide as to where to start to form the number. Then, they can practice writing the numbers by themselves. There are also 10 frames on this page to practice one-to-one correspondence. I have included many different pictures that you can duplicate for each number for students to cut out and glue onto the ten frame. Click the picture below:
Click the picture to get these number pages!

My Very First Freebie!

I am giving away my very first FREEBIE!!

Star Letter Necklaces: FREEBIE!!
A very important part of kindergarten at the beginning of the year is making sure the students know their letters. A fun activity that I do with my students after I introduce a letter to them is determining which students names in the class has the letter that we are focusing on that day. I write their names on index cards and we decide as a class if they have the letter in their name. If they do, they place it on my pocket chart that says 'yes'. If they do not, they place it on my pocket chart that says 'no'.
**I need to get into my classroom to take a picture of this pocket chart activity I have to go with this. I will post it as soon as I can get into my room!

At the beginning of the year, we decide together one name at a time who does and who does not have the letter in their name... yes this takes time. As we do this more and they are getting more familiar with letters, I give them their index card and they decide when it is their turn and the class tells them if they were correct or not. 
If they DO have the letter we are learning that day in their name, they get to wear a STAR LETTER NECKLACE for the day. They LOVE THIS! By wearing the necklace all day, it is another way to reinforce the letter that they are learning and it has truly been a huge hit and success in my room! They get so excited to learn the letter, wear the necklace, count how many students names have the letter we are learning, etc. I have included the necklaces as a FREEBIE!! I included the directions on the first page. Click on the picture for the freebie. Hope you enjoy!

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